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Be a women Fitness Model!

Be a women Fitness Model!

It will always start with a dream. Seeing those women fitness model in magazines, internet and different ads, who would not want to even just once in their life to have a body admired and looked up to by many people, both men and women. Who would not want to bring that happy and confident smile in their faces just as these models do? Yes. It will always start there. Your desire of being like them, living as your model toward the world if women fitness. The shooting for latest women fitness model competition for the March 2013 issue of Women’s Health magazine was just held last February 10, 2013 at Australia. The winner will be announced on exactly March 1, 2013 and issue will be out in the market by April 2013. If you’ve missed this chance, there are a whole lot of competition you can still join to achieve your dream.

Women are now open to a wide variety of opportunities. Now, being too slim are somewhat not in the trend. Having good physique, strong and muscular at the same time feminine are hotter in the eyes of many. Jessica Alba and Jennifer Biel are now becoming very popular for their fit body. Being fit doesn’t necessarily mean being very muscular like men, honestly, does women body builders gain their large muscle by the help of medicine (steroids, or other muscle inducing medicine) to create muscles. As of 2012, here are the top women fitness models who might as well serve as your model towards the world of fitness.

Nikola Weiterova is a professional dancer and choreographer. She holds the title for Miss Dance of the Slovak republic. Dianna Dahlgren was featured on the top sexiest female competitors at Olympia 2011. She had one many awards like being 3rd place for the IFBB Bikini Olympia on September 2011 and got first place on IFBB Phoenix Pro. Jennifer Nicole lee is an author, fitness expert, lifestyle consultant and a fitness model. She started her career as early as 1996 were she won Miss Bikini America. Larissa Reis is a fitness model and enthusiast from Brazil. She won 1st place 2009 Atlantic City and 3rd place for the 2012 Australian Pro Grand Pix. If you’re looking for strength, Jennifer Anderson got her motivation and determination to succeed in the women fitness modeling industry from her military background. She won first palce in NPC National Body Building, Bikini and Figure Championship. She recently placed 5th in 2011 IFBB Europa Super Show in Dallas. Belinda Benn despite of being turned down in a body building competition for being to muscular, her photo spread all over the internet and became a sensation an ultimate fitness role model. Laura Hewris has become an internet sensation who shares her achievement of transforming her body out of her determination and hardwork. Laura Michelle Prestin is a cover fitness model with her red hot photos and unforgettable physique. She’s even known as the Canada’s Best Selling Calendar for the year. She’s a great sensation at American Curves Magazines and ‘hot and Fit’ Issue. Marzia Prince is one of those top fitness model. She got her own fitness videos and ads. She’s a bikin, fitness and glamour model from Texas and won 2007 Ms. Bikini Universe, starting from there, she continues to show the world fitness beauty having herself as the model.

If you’re not familiar with these people, you can always search the internet to know who these women fitness model really are. Now, to have you as a fitness model is never easy. I really salute these women for their hard work and discipline to be able to maintain and improve their body. Having their passion in what they do have been worth it for now they are able to gain popularity, admiration and respect from different people all over the world. Though it is hard, being a fitness model is never impossible. It can be done by simply doing workouts that are truly focused on your goal. Using pink weights (does which are low in weight) are no good for you. Lifting heavy weights won’t make you like Vin Diesel. Women are made in such a way that the hormone responsible for building muscle is very minimal for women to have big muscles. Light weights won’t challenge your muscle and it’ll be useless because muscle reacts with resistance to do muscle toning. Do different cardio level. Your body can adapt when you do uniform level of cardio. Increasing the intensity of your exercise will allow your body to be stronger as it faces different workout intensity. Take carbs at the right time and right amount. Eating before a workout will end up consuming your energy for digestion rather than in workouts. Eating after workouts are good to be able to replace loss of energy brought by workout. However, keep in mind that you only have to eat what your body needs. When the amount of food you eat is greater than your physical activity, you’ll still end up gaining weight. Don’t be afraid of fat. Not all fat are bad. There are those healthy oils which are good for the body like fish oils. Be warned that foods which are lower in fat would often contain high sugar to adjust for the taste. Too much sugar will affect your insulin level and the only macronutrient with least effect in insulin is dietary fat. Around 25-30% calories from healthy oils is good for you. Do workouts that will develop your figure. Heavy weight lunges, one-legged squats, hamstring curls and ass-to-the-ground squats will help enhancing those curves.

According to Christina Lindley, also a women fitness model, body is not just the only thing you have to consider on being a fitness model. Good values, determination and passion are more important of being a model. It is not an easy task. Being a model you have to make sure that everything you do is worth doing such that many people look up to you and will follow your lead. Being a women fitness model is not an easy path to take. Competition is so strong that other models would end up being a hindrance to those who are aspiring to be one of them. Still in the end, people will always see your true color. So if I were you, you better be good to be able to keep yourself there.

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