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Rocking that Cardigan

Rocking that Cardigan

One of the most popular fashion add-ons for the modern women is a cardigan. It is basically a pull together kind of knit sweater that is open in front, though some have buttons and zippers. Its difference with a pullover is that a cardigan is actually already open in front while a pullover has no opening in front and must be worn over the head.

It is a piece of clothing that is supposed to provide a more subtle and conservative look, though changes and developments in fashion have upgraded to a fashion statement. Cardigans are really versatile and could be worn all throughout the year. It is a fashion must-have and could look really well with whatever set of clothes, whatever the occasion. They could even be purchased almost in any boutique and your nearest department store. But if you are having trouble looking for the perfect cardigan and matching it with your Outfit of the Day (OOTD), well, worry no more because here comes the set of guidelines that would greatly help you to rock that look with your cardigan.

The most common way of wearing a cardigan is just to let it cover your body. Wear it open and loose over a shirt or tank top and you are good to go to rock that casual getup.

But if you are going for a more formal appearance, button or zip it up. This would be best for luncheons at restaurants or typical work days at the office on times when the management do not require uniforms. While tank tops and shirts would look great under an unbuttoned or unzipped up cardigan for the casual look, collared or ruffled blouses or dresses would work under your buttoned or zipped up cardigan. Another way of upgrading that buttoned or zipped up cardigan look to a more chic outfit is by adding accent like a belt that fits on the waist. If you want to emphasize your sexy form, go for wider belts.

Though you may button or zip it up halfway or up until the very top, you can just button the topmost button and leave the rest open. This kind of outfit gives that girly and classic style.

You could also go for various cardigan styles like short-sleeved ones, cropped, and boyfriend cardigans. Play around with your cardigan choices and add up a little personality. Let your style reflect who you are.

Cardigans perfectly fit almost every kind of dresses, tops, and even bottoms like skirts, skinny jeans, and leggings. As mentioned beforehand, cardigans are way too flexible making them a fashion must-have for every woman out there. You can never go wrong with a cardigan. You can just be simply fine up to rocking that outfit with the proper cardigan and the way of wearing it.

Fashion is made ultra easy and convenient through the discovery of cardigans, so make the most out of it and stun the whole world with your head-turning, stylish, tastefully planned and excellently executed fashion getup with that cardigan.

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