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What Causes Miscarriage

What Causes Miscarriage

Miscarriage is not an easy thing to deal with especially when you are an expectant mother for the very first time. To avoid such trouble, we came up with the possible causes of miscarriage to help future mothers avoid this unfortunate happening. In considering women’s health care, giving attention to the things that cause miscarriage is not only a good thing for the mother but also, of course, for her baby.

Miscarriage is the term used to refer to the loss of a fetus before the pregnancy’s twentieth week. Medical professionals call it spontaneous abortion, but it is not really a form of abortion when you look at the usual definition of abortion. Almost about fifty percent of pregnancies end up with miscarriage, often even before a woman realizes she is actually pregnant. After the twentieth week, miscarriages are less likely to occur but there are cases where it does. Miscarriage after the twentieth week is called late miscarriage.

The common symptoms of a miscarriage are as follows: First, there is the presence of bleeding which may go from light to heavy. Next, sever cramps is felt by the expectant mother. Also, abdominal pain may be a symptom of miscarriage. Having fever may also be among the symptoms. Weakness may point to miscarriage as well as back pains. If at least one the abovementioned symptoms is experienced, it is highly suggested to consult your health care provider in the soonest possible time.

Most of the first trimester miscarriages are brought about by chromosomal deficiencies. It means that there is some sort of a glitch in the fetus’s DNA makeup. It is not the fault of the father nor the mother. It just happens.

Also, chronic medical conditions of the expectant mother may bring about miscarriage. Some illnesses, most especially the ones that affect blood flow in the uterus, may lead to miscarriage. These chronic medical conditions include lupus, diabetes, thyroid diseases, uterine infections and heart ailments. Dealing with these conditions before getting pregnant may lower the risk of any miscarriage.

Too much caffeine may also induce a miscarriage. It is not yet found out why caffeine causes miscarriages but some medical experts suspect that a certain chemical component affects the placenta and the developing cells. One cup of coffee a day may be fine, it is best to be extra careful and go for decaf.

Vices like too much smoking or drug and alcohol abuse are also factors causing miscarriage. Had a glass or two of wine before finding out you were pregnant, you say? Fear not for little dosage of alcohol would not instantly kill the baby. However, large amounts surely are dangerous because they have poisonous effects on the developing cells. As soon as you suspect being pregnant, get rid of all the wines, cocktails, cigarettes and most especially drugs. It would ever better if getting rid of them would be perpetual.

After experiencing miscarriage, it is usually okay to try bearing a child again as soon as your next period comes. It is an indication that your uterus is functioning normally again. Yet, it highly suggested to first consult with your doctor before going for another pregnancy.

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