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Dealing with Insomnia

Dealing with Insomnia

We need enough and good sleep every night to make up for a long tiring day. The number one reason why most people do not get the proper sleep they need is the lack of time. Twenty four hours in a day never seem enough to comply with the requirements of jobs, home issues, and relationships. However, the problem does not begin and end with lack of time. Many people are not able to acquire the sleep they need because of certain health conditions that are related to having trouble sleeping. One of them is insomnia. Here are simple and easy ways to combat your sleepless insomnia nights.

First, try to wake up at the same hour everyday. Make it a routine to set a specific time when you should wake up and stick to it every waking moment of your life. It is surely tempting to sleep late during weekends and sleep your head off until you wake up at noon the next day. However, if you have insomnia, it would be best to train your body to wake up at a specific time everyday.

Also, cut the nicotine, alcohol and caffeine intake. Avoid all forms of stimulants. The effect of caffeine could last for many hours, even up to one day. The chances that caffeine would interfere with your sleep are high. Not only does caffeine hinders you to get to sleep, it also causes unwanted awakenings in the middle of your sleep. Alcohol, though it could put you to bed in the first few hours, would also tend to wake you up in the middle of your sleep and bring you not-so-restful night’s sleep. If the meds you are taking contain stimulants, ask your doctor at what time of the day it is best to take them to prevent them from interfering with your sleep.

To have a good sleep, limit naps. Though it appears to be a good way to catch up on your missed sleeping sessions, it is not always the case. It is better to organize a regular sleeping pattern and associate one’s self with cues for sleeping like dim lights and sleeping time. Napping may hinder you from having a quality night’s sleep.

Exercising regularly also helps. Being physically active aids in having quality sleeps and also works with the duration. However, try to finish exercising at least three hours before going to bed. Exercising could stimulate the body and doing it right before sleeping may hinder you to initiate sleep.

Also, stop doing other activities while in bed. Stop reading notes, studying or making phone calls. You must also even avoid watching the television and listening to the radio. These activities increases alertness and hinder sleep.

Also avoid eating and drinking before going to bed. These would just activate the digestive system and keep you up.

More things you should get rid off before going to bed would be worrying and stress. Do not overthink things. Let go of all the worries and stress when you head to bed. Just deal with them when you wake up.

Also, make your sleeping environment comfortable. Temperature, lighting and noise are all key players here. Make the bedroom conducive to falling asleep.

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