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Tips for a Truly Healthy Diet

Tips for a Truly Healthy Diet

There have been so many clichéd nutrition lines that have been etched on the minds of almost everybody. However, some may have been short on the notices you need to know to be truly eating healthy. Here are some valuable tips you would to live by, and eat by.

First, going for whole grains is good. Yes, it truly is but not all the time. Whole grain of course cuts the risk of acquiring heart disease and offers a bunch of other health benefits. However, processed food products contain large amounts of calories and sugar.  Get the whole grain goodness from the raw and most natural sources. Go for unsweetened oatmeal, cocoa, brown rice, and whole-wheat pasta. For whole-grain cereals and breads, look for those with no less than three milligrams of fiber and no more than six milligrams of sugar per serving.

Yes, fruits are really good food. But here’s the catch: do not eat fruit alone. Having an apple simply as a snack is okay. However, a fruit smoothie or an enormous bowl of melon would not suffice as a meal all by itself. Fruits are full of carbohydrates which makes your blood spike and then drop. It will leave you hungry after an hour or so. For a meal that would keep you full long enough, eat a fruit with healthy protein or fat. Both slow down digestion and prevent sugar rush. You could try dipping your apple slices into peanut butter or have a cup of yogurt and an avocado into your smoothie.

You should also go for frozen veggies and fruits sometimes. Yes, fresh is good but that is not always the case. The longer those fresh fruits sit around, the more they lose their nutrients. Imagine how long it took for them to be delivered to your grocery store. Meanwhile, frozen fruits and veggies are froze and preserved at the peak of their ripeness. The freeze traps the nutrients and can even make the fruits and veggies taste better.

Whether you believe it or not, it is better to opt for the salad dressing with more fats. Our bodies require a little amount of fat to absorb the phytochemicals in the veggies of the salad. Those phytochemicals help fight off disease.

For people with sweet tooth, have your dessert in the morning. It is best to eat them when your body’s metabolism is at its prime performance which is in the morning. You are less likely to overeat at breakfast. Moreover, satisfying your sweet tooth early in the morning could keep the craving away all throughout the day.

And good news, coffee fans! Drink more coffee. Yes, tea is a healthy drink with many antioxidants. But coffee has plant compounds that cut your risk of diabetes and dementia. Also, a little caffeine could help you power through an extensive workout according to studies. Drinking sixteen ounces of brewed coffee before noon is a good idea. It serves you well and would not hinder your sleep at night.

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  1. Great post! I love to aim for more greens (kale, spinach, collards, bok choy etc), mushrooms, onions, seeds, beans, berries and other foods. I try to eat raw as much as possible and sometimes green smoothies for detox. You gave me a few more ideas, thank you!


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