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Health Benefits of Yoga

Health Benefits of Yoga

Every year, more and more people seek the benefits offered by yoga. Basically, it offers flexibility, stress reduction, and relaxation. But yoga’s offerings do not begin and end with that. As more studies are conducted, many health benefits are proven to be derived from doing this Asian routine. It could help in making people who suffer from cancer, asthma, diabetes and many more diseases feel at ease. But even if you are in great health, you could still benefit from yoga as it improves strength, flexibility, coordination and range of motion. Moreover, yoga promotes circulation and relieves stress and anxiety. It also enhances cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous health. In addition, it promotes relaxation and aids in sleep and digestion.

Medical professionals still are not sure why yoga could have so many health benefits, or where it gets its ability to ease people’s health conditions. But it could be because yoga relieves stress, and since stress causes many physiological problems, yoga thus could ease those problems as it combats stress.

What’s even more fascinating about yoga is that it requires no special clothes or equipments. But you could still purchase an inexpensive yoga mat for convenience. Moreover, it could be done at home and in the office. You could even do some yoga routines in bed or while sitting in a chair.

Yoga could ease pain associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia. A study suggests that mind-body routines are effective complementary therapies for musculoskeletal disorders. The stretching routines in yoga could temporarily relieve stiff joints, improve flexibility and circulation, and stimulate the release of endorphins. Also, the deep breathing exercises deal with the stress caused about by these illnesses especially of fibromyalgia.

Speaking of breathing exercises, yoga could be very beneficial for people suffering from respiratory conditions like asthma. Yoga gives the people who practice it the power to control their breathing, thus reducing symptoms of asthma.

Moreover, it provides relief from back pain since it makes back and abdominal muscles stronger. Also, yoga could help you identify potential trouble spots. It also helps reduce other chronic pains and pains from endometriosis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Yoga could also help epileptic patients manage their epilepsy. Stress is one of the major factors for seizure, and yoga reduces stress.

Yoga is also beneficial for those suffering from diabetes by improving circulation, as well as for those with coronary ailments. Yoga also combats high blood pressure, menopause, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, and osteoporosis.

Yoga, when done on a regular basis, could also reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms including anxiety and depression. Some yoga postures could also relieve pressure on the uterus and relieve cramps. Yoga’s stretching could also ease stiffness and tension in the lower back.

Pregnant women could also benefit from yoga. Specialized yoga classes for pregnant women focus on breathing and relaxation. Yoga’s gentle and relaxing movements are ideal for the mild to moderate exercising needs of the pregnant woman and her baby. Moreover, it could help the pregnant woman deal better with the stress associated with pregnancy.

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  1. The health benefits are astounding, but just a fraction of what a complete yoga practice has to offer. By studying and practicing all 8 limbs of yoga (based on the Sutras of Patanali) you can transform your life, including on the job.

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