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Depression to Suicide

Depression to Suicide

Though only a few who are diagnosed to have mental disorders commit suicide, studies showed that 90% of people who committed suicide are diagnosed to have mental disorders. This can be accounted to the fact that people who have mental health problems took long before seeking treatment and sometimes are not treated at all unless went to accident or for most, suicide cases. Treatments are only done when the patient actually admits that he or she needs help in which by that time the condition is severe or is difficult to deal with. For women, mental health problems are normally accounted from depression. Depression has been accountable for so many suicide cases as of now on which depression can be undiagnosed, untreated or undertreated.

There has been an estimate of 2-15 % of people diagnosed with deep depression have an outcome of dying through suicide. Too much anxiety, lack of hope to the future, abuse, and lack of worth are just some of the possible cause of depression. All over the world, suicide is among the top three causes of death among individuals with 15-44 years of age. Women being very sensitive and sentimental are very prone to depression especially to those who are not able to experience freedom like in women in India, Sri Lanka and other places where women are still under the influence of male dominance and gender equality. Men are also reported to be at risk of depression as they tend to keep the problems within themselves until such time that they could no longer control the feeling of being depressed that force them to commit suicide. What to do? Prevent depression to avoid suicide.

Actually, it only depends on how you handle the different things that goes in to your life. You should take charge in to your life and don’t let life take charge on you. This world is full of challenges that if you let yourself to be weak, you’ll be overwhelmed and consumed by it. Just keep in mind that you are created with a purpose and that YOU ARE IMPORTANT. You may not know it yet, but you’ll know it in time. Just don’t give up and lose your life in suicide. Seek help to anyone you know who’ll understand you. Speak what you feel to your family, friends, a priest, or a doctor and you’ll be enlightened from the burden you feel inside. You may think that it would be a sign of weakness but it is actually a sign of courage that proves that you are still willing to put up a fight to live. Every human being experience a point in life in which they feel worthless and too weak but to overcome is a chance to become a better person.

Depression can come in different occurrences in our lives. Everyone feels depressed but we should not let depression beat us. When you feel you can no longer go on, sit back, relax and think of happy thoughts. Cast away negative thoughts and treasure those that make you happy. If you can, move away to the ones making you depressed. Life is a gift to be nurtured and enjoyed. Live a life the way it is supposed to be. J

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