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Mental Health Problems

Mental Health Problems

One of the most difficult to deal with is when you get in to mental health problems. It is all about the mind and how it works. The brain is one part of the body in which science was not able to reveal its magic. As they may have determined how information travels to it, how it distinguish the information that lead to emotion and reaction is still unknown. Memory loss, depression, brain damages, anorexia, and bulimia are some of the mental health problems that as much as possible we wouldn’t want to experience. Dealing with problems of the mind are more complex and are still not fully explored. Only a few have studied this part of health issues such that having mental related illness would require tedious and proper treatment.

Mental health disorders can be classified in to two; neurotic and psychotic. Neurotic are those which are regarded as severe forms of normal emotional experience such as depression, obsession, insomnia, anxiety, panic, anorexia, bulimia and others. Normally, these are called the ‘common mental disorders’ in which actions are still under the human normal thinking. Psychotic are those which interfere with reality such as hallucinations in which a person can hear, smell or feel things that are out of the real world. It is a time when a person starts to be considered as “crazy” in which he or she could possibly end up acting out of normal.

The first step to treatment to this is accepting that you have a mental disorder. There are a huge percentage of individuals who are experiencing mental disorders but are not seeking treatment. They are afraid of rejection when detected with mental problems. For light cases or those which are early detected can just be treated under professional counseling to assess the patient’s condition. For some cases, it can be treated with psychiatric facility which includes diagnosis from psychiatrists and other mental professionals for psychiatric care. Medications come in the form of antidepressants, sedatives, anti-psychotics, mood stabilizers and stimulants. Psychotherapy is the major treatment for mental health problems which can come in many forms; cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic or family therapy, and psychoanalysis depending on which is found to be more effective to the patient. Rest assured that all information acquired to the patient are held with confidentiality that no information can be brought out unless permitted by the patient or his or her legal guardian.

Depression, drug addiction, chronic alcohol drinking are some that can trigger mental disorders. Mental illness can also be genetically inherited such that if you have a family history with this illness, better check with a doctor to monitor you regularly to provide proper preventive measures for mental health problems. With the help of family and loved ones, anyone can surpass mental health problems. If it may not be you, but any members of your family may suffer this without anyone in your family knowing it. Being observant and sensitive towards the feeling of others is important to prevent damages to an individual’s way of thinking. At the same time, don’t shoulder everything to yourself because if you do, you’ll really have a problem thinking about it.

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