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Stress is not much of a pretty thing. It is hard to deal with and it interferes with our daily routines. It ruins lives. But the way to its cure starts with detection. How would you attend to something you do not have? But what if you do? How would you know if you are really, actually, officially stressed out?

One of the most noticeable signs of stress is the multiplication of annoying pimples on the skin. Yes, acne outbreak could be due to your overworking hormones especially if you are in your teenage years and if you are undergoing puberty. But what if your pimples are there because you are so stressed out? Stress arises from things you find hard to manage and control. It could be about having relationship issues, friend fights, too many due dates, upcoming exam on a not-so-easy subject like Calculus, and even problems at home. Once you have managed to deal with your stress effectively, those pimples may soon go away.

Another sign of stress would be if you find the people around you, even your friends, annoying. The problem is not with them. It is with you. You find them annoying because stress turns you from a sweet little pony into an angry grumpy troll. What is the quick fix? It is no less than the only curve that sets things straight- your dashing, head-turning smile. Smile even if it is faked at the start. That faked smile would soon be genuine once you managed to change how you feel. And changing how you feel begins with displaying a smile. Or better yet, laugh. It is the best medicine especially for stress.

After hearing a newly released upbeat single, what does it make you do? Does it make you want to dancelike nobody’s watching? Or does it just make you yawn? If the second one is your answer, you are officially stressed. It is because stress could drain your energy and make you feel tired all the time. Long-time stresses like having to deal with the bullies at school and even at work or trying to fix problems at home could really get the better of you. How to deal with it? Get moving. Engage yourself in fun physical activities like dancing or a good sport to help you relax and improve your mood.

If your heart is beating faster than it should and there are no clear signs that your crush is nearby, maybe you are really stressed out. Your heart beats faster to prepare your body for an intense situation. This mild stress could be great to help you make the winning goal or score the winning shot in a basketball game because a faster beating heart makes your eyes open wider to help you see more clearly, transports more blood to your muscles, and lets you sweat to cool off. But if this feeling won’t go away, you need to take a rest. If you find it hard to sleep, talk to someone you trust to help you relax.

Another sign of stress would be pain on various parts of the body like your stomach, head and mouth. More signs are loss of appetite, poor performance at work or at school, and greater tendency to use drugs or drink alcohol.

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