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Do you want to go to spa but lacking the time, or the money, or both? Worry no more because you could pamper yourself right at home. Treat those aching muscles and the stressed out you with spa treatments you could do yourself. Enjoy your spa treatments at home. Want to know how? Here’s how.

Taking a bath before going to bed is a good way to make you feel a whole lot better and actually sleep better. Just add a few drops of bath oil and you are good to go. For more organic atmosphere, you could add flowers and lime slices while filling up your bathtub. Oils from the flowers could moisturize the skin and the vitamin C from the citrus slices acts as a natural astringent.

You may also be longing for a face massage from the spa salon to relieve facial muscle tension and make you feel oh-so fabulous. You could have this treatment at home. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of lotion on your face, place your palms against your cheeks, and rub in a rapidly up and down. Repeat procedure on your forehead. For the nose and around the mouth, use your index and middle fingers to rub in circular motions on the sides of your nose and around the mouth. For the final touch, press down on the area underneath the eyebrows and above the bridge of the nose for three seconds.

To get rid of body toxins  that dull the complexion and to keep your skin healthy, see to it that you drink at least eight glasses not just of the typical water but of super water daily. Where to buy super water? You could make it and it is really simple. Just add five mint leaves and ten thin cucumber slices to your pitcher of water and voila, it turns into your super water!

To apply a face mask, do not use your fingers but use an artist’s fan brush. Why? Use a fan brush because the bristles manage to lightly exfoliate and make the mask penetrate deeper into your skin. But how do you come up with a homemade face mask? It is really simple. Just mash a half banana and add one tablespoon of orange and also one tablespoon of honey. Apply and wait for fifteen minutes. Then rinse.

For your tired and weary feet, give them the treatment they very much deserve. Fill a basin halfway with warm water and put in some river rocks. Press you soles on them or use one to knead away the pain from running. Then, paint your toenails with deep blue, lavender, or green. Why these colors? It is because these colors give off a calm feel.

And to unwind, download songs with a rhythm of sixty beats per minute. This mimics the regular heartbeat and thus induces relaxation. Practice breathing exercises with these expert-recommended music.

Treating yourself and your body to spa treatments need not to be expensive and away from home. With a little imagination and creativity, anything is cheap and possible.

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