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Bloat Away

Bloat Away

You may notice that you are bloating. It is when there is fluid building up in the cells of your body. Bloating is commonly caused by poor digestion, monthly menstrual cycle, or too much sodium. But fear and worry not. You could deal with bloating and deflate the bloat through choosing the right foods to eat. Stay in your fit and sexy body every day of the year, sissy!

Yes, we mentioned about eating the right foods but we would start with drinking a really healthy drink. See to it that you regularly drink water with lemon. Many bloated people think that they should avoid drink lots of water when they are bloated when they should actually do the otherwise. When you experience bloating, it is actually the time to push on fluids instead of skipping them. And adding lemon to warm water could help reduce the amount of salt retained in the body. But be sure to drink without a straw to avoid gulping in extra air.

To fight off that belly bloat, be sure to munch on some crunchy celery stalks. Celery has long been used for bowel regulation purposes and intestinal gas control because celeries are known to decrease the body’s fluid retention. Celery has high water content and detoxifies the body by cleansing it form toxins. Other veggies that work just as well as celeries are cucumber, summer squashes, parsley, and most of the leafy green vegetables. Also, the fiber is being broken down during cooking which makes vegetables easier to digest.

Another super food to fight off bloating is the yummy watermelon. Yes, all fruits are really good for our health but the watermelon is the juiciest of them all. In fact, it is composed of ninety-two percent water. Like lemon, it also acts a natural diuretic. Moreover, it is a really good source of potassium. In controlling bloat, the proper balance between potassium and sodium is critically important. For your ultimate anti-bloat spa water, combine watermelon, lemon, cucumber, and rosemary. But take note that once you start drinking your ultimate anti-bloating spa water, you may need to pay a visit to the comfort room a little more often.

Speaking of rosemary, it is also a power anti-bloating tool along with turmeric. Rosemary offers a lot of medicinal benefits like treating heartburn, headaches, toothaches, high blood pressure, intestinal gas troubles, and it also helps improve digestion. Turmeric, on the other hand, has been well known especially in Asia to battle inflammation, pain, and in dealing with an upset stomach and reducing bloating. These spices really do spice it up against bloating.

Since most patients suffering from bloating are having too much sodium and are lacking from potassium and fiber, we highly suggest intake of beans and lentils. Lentils are very abundant in fiber which aids in digestion. Meanwhile, beans are rich in potassium and are also abundant in fiber. Lowering the sodium intake and increasing the potassium would certainly have an almost immediate effect in terms of reducing bloat.

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