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Multivitamins 101

Multivitamins 101

Here are the reasons why you should not skip swallowing that nutrient-filled pill as well as how to choose the right multivitamin and supplement for you and some answers to your most frequently asked questions. Everything you need to know about multivitamins is right here. Where else should you go, sweetie?

Just you know, a big percentage of women under forty do not bother having that multivitamin pill. Did you think that was okay? Uh-oh, big mistake. As much as ninety percent of women under forty do not meet their nutritional requirements through diet alone. We need the reinforcement of multivitamins and supplements. We need multivitamins more a little lot more if we exercise. Intense workout routines raise the vitamin and mineral requirements of the body and we would never get enough just from our daily diet.

Here are more reasons why you never skip popping that multivitamin pill. First, your multivitamin curbs your cravings. It makes you feel less hungry especially when you are undergoing a certain kind of diet. Moreover, having your daily dose of multivitamin helps keep your energy soaring. A good multivitamin is packed with iron which prevents you from dragging during workout and experiencing hair loss. Multivitamins also help protect your heart. Its ingredients have been found to help prevent heart disease. However, keep in mind that a multivitamin can never replace fruits and veggies in your diet. Having a multivitamin could also potentially lessen the risk of breast cancer most especially among women who drink alcohol. And yes, taking multivitamins lowers the risk of ovulatory infertility.

If you go multivitamin shopping, it still best to buy products from major store chains and big companies to make sure that the ones you are getting are truly safe. Also, check for their labels. Make sure that your multivitamin has at least six hundred IUs of vitamin D. Do not settle for anything less. You need a lot of this vitamin for better calcium absorption, to keep the bones healthy, to boost the immune system, to regulate blood pressure, and to even potentially lessen the risk of breast cancer by as much as fifty percent. See to it that it also has eighteen milligrams of iron. You need iron most especially because of your monthly menstrual cycle. Also, go for the multivitamin that contains four hundred micrograms of folic acid. To help prevent birth defects, do not settle for anything less.

If you ever experience urinating with bright yellow pee after having multivitamins, fear not. It does not mean that you are peeing your nutrients away. Actually, it is a good sign because bright yellow pee corresponds the body’s metabolism of B vitamins in your multivitamin and getting rid of the excess.

Could you overdose on vitamins when I eat a fortified cereal? Well, you could get too much of folic acid. It is best to take your multivitamin daily and skip the cereal, or just take your multivitamin every other day.

Do vitamins have an expiration date? Yes, they sure do. When you buy a bottle, see to it that the expiration date is a year away. Also, store the bottle in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.

And when should you take your multivitamin? It is best to have it after a meal because the food in your tummy boosts the body’s nutrient absorption.

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