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Get the Most Out of Your Fishy

Get the Most Out of Your Fishy

We all know how fish meat is among the top choices for the healthiest meats if it is not really the healthiest. Be it milk fish, tilapia, salmon, or tuna, be sure you are getting the most out of your nutritious and delicious seafood treat through these helpful tips that always come in handy.

Of course, you need your fish fresh. How would you know if your fish is fresh? You would know it when it does not smell fishy at all. Take a quick whiff of the fish you want to buy and if it gives off that fresh ocean smell, you are guaranteed it is fresh. Odors that seem to hurt your nose could be a sign of sickness-inducing bacteria. Or better yet, go for still alive ones. Some markets offer live fish. Now, that should be fresh.

To maximize the storage life of your fresh fish, store it in the coldest chamber of your fridge. And yes, cook it soon. The nutritional benefits of the fish namely vitamin D, the figure-friendly protein, and the heart-healthy fish oil could be retained for more than two days, but the flavour would soon fade away. And if your fish does not taste that good anymore, chances are you would not eat it, right? Ran out of fishy recipes or not wanting any fish for some time? Then, keep it inside the freezer where its nutritional and taste values would not soon leave your fish.

While you only need to eat fish for at least twice a week, its health benefits take no effect until after years of regular and sustained consumption. So, it is best to incorporate fish meals into your regular weekly diet. There are multitudes of recipes online. I bet you would not run out of fish ideas.

Also, do not worry too much about what kind of fish you should take home. All fishes contain heart-healthy fats. They only differ in amount. The top fishes in terms of heart-healthy fat contents are salmon and tuna, while pollock, herring, sardines, and anchovies do not have as much. The trick is to balance the healthy omega-3 amounts with the harmful mercury contents. While tuna is abundant in omega-3, it also has lots of mercury. So it is best to limit your tuna consumption to at most twice a week.

Now that you have discovered that certain types of seafood contain mercury, should you be alarmed? The Food and Drug Administration suggests the avoidance of mercury-rich seafood like shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish. Pregnant women, children below twelve years of age, women who aim to conceive, and people suffering from immune system troubles must not have these varieties. Also watch out for advisories regarding contaminated seafood.

And since sushi is made from raw fish meat, is it safe? Possibly. There are certain kinds of people who are vulnerable to the bacteria that could be present in raw fish. This includes pregnant women or planning to be, a child or an elderly, or a person with immune system troubles, it is best not to have your sushi. However, if you are not any of the persons listed above, then you are safe to eat sushi provided you follow certain safety rules.

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