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Vitamins and Supplements Must-Knows

Vitamins and Supplements Must-Knows

While it has been a general knowledge that taking multivitamins and supplements cut the risk of certain diseases, some studies have shown that not only they could do no significant impact but also worsen the case. However, do not throw your vitamins and supplements this instant. Be informed with the facts you need to know to come up with decisions that would benefit your body.

First, just because you take vitamins does not mean you are already shielded from the bad effects of your bad habits. There are multitudes of habits that cause diseases and your vitamins could not protect you from all of them. Yes, you could be taking your vitamins, but if you continue smoking, excessive alcohol drinking, taking drugs, and eating fatty and unhealthy foods, chances are you remain vulnerable to many diseases including life-threatening ones. Worse, taking vitamins while still doing your bad habits may put you in even greater danger. It is because you would be thinking that it is okay to get on with these habits since you have vitamins to protect you.

Yes, you could overdose on vitamins. Whether it is from food or from your pill, excess vitamins do not give additional benefits. Our bodies are in need of only certain amounts of each nutrient. What is worse than not reaping extra benefits would be having to deal with the side effects of too much vitamin intake. For example, too much calcium could lead to the development of kidney stones and may induce a heart attack. Moreover, some vitamins and minerals rely on the same mechanism for absorption. If you have too much of one, you may be gravely deprived of the other.

And just because you take supplements does not mean that you should care less about your diet. What you eat is still far more important than the supplement you take. Supplements are never substitutes for the nutrients derived from real foods. For example, spinach is a great source of iron. But it is also a source of many other nutrients. If you take just your iron supplement than eating spinach, you only get iron alone. And as long as you eat a variety of healthy foods, it would be very unlikely that you overdose on the vitamins you acquire from the food you eat.

Also, chances are you are getting enough of the nutrients your body needs. Many foods are already fortified with vitamins and minerals. Moreover, your cereals, milk, and orange juice could be providing you with the key nutrients to go on through the day.

Despite that fact, you may also be low in certain nutrients like iodine and vitamin D. In such cases, your vitamins and supplements would help fill in the nutritional gap. Moreover, vitamins and supplements fill in the nutritional gap for people who could not eat certain food group due to a number of reasons like food allergies and vegetarianism.

Before starting taking a certain vitamin and supplement, it is best to first determine if you really need it. For safer and smarter decisions, it would be best to first consult with your doctor.

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