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What to Wear

What to Wear

It is very common for us to have problems in what should we wear in a specific situation, men may not understand this matters that troubles us but they do not know that every dress that we  wear enhances our aura and represents what mood or personality we have. Even though may just exaggerated this matters, picking the right dress is really an important thing that we must do in order to get in with our friends or to match ourselves with our  partners or any other else that was with us. Fashion is not only a trend to some but a lifestyle that we must strive to achieve that is why we must carefully pick and match every outfit that we wear.

Wear the right thing to wear. Pick clothes that pairs well with the occasion or the place that you are going will let you be in place to where you were going. For example, you must wear formal attire in a formal occasion, wear a decent casual dress when you are in the academe, choose loose clothes when you are in a summer getaway with your friends and wear casual when you are with your colleagues. Appropriateness is something important when it comes to choosing the right thing to wear. It will show your personality and the relationship that you have with the people that belong in the same field. Like the register of language that you us in the scale of formality, choosing a dress also scales with that.

Wear the right kind for your body. Pick high collars for short necks, tight tops, and short sleeves to emphasize you figure. Wear large vertical prints to make you look lengthy, and horizontal lines to make you look taller. Pick high heels with straps to make your legs shorter.

Wear clothes that emphasize your assets. If you are slime, wear thinner fabrics to make you look slimmer, and wear clothes that are exact fit for you, for big clothes can make you look bigger and small clothes can make you fell smaller and uneasy as well.

Wear clothes with fabrics that are comfortable for you. Do not push yourself to wear tanky dresses or jackets when it’s too hot around choose silk or cotton when looking for a nice dress. Comfortability is more important to beauty, be sure you choose well in protecting your body from sacrifices that can damage your skin just because you want to wear that shiny dress.

Care for your clothes. Clothes must be treated well after use so that you can protect it from damages. Be sure you are doing the right thing when washing it. Be careful in using bleach as they may cause the color of your dress to worn off.

And last but not the least, be sure that you are proud of what you wear. You must never let yourself down just because someone said that it is not in fashion. Do not get too much affected by the opinion of other people cause if you believe that you are beautiful with that dress, then you prove to them that you can shine even you are different.


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