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This summer, one of the hippest fashion trends would be putting the ombre touch to your clothes! The magnificent ombre design would work perfectly on your shorts, pants, and even on your top. And what’s even better is that you do not need to spend hundreds of bucks to buy one. You could do it at home! And we are here to teach you how.

We would be telling you how to come up with the do-it-yourself ombre shorts, skirt, pants, top, or whatever it is you want to put an ombre design on. But before we start letting our creativity take flight, we first need to prepare the materials we need. Of course you need to prepare your shorts, or pants, or skirt, or top. It does not have to be new. You could use that old pair of jeans that is in grave need of a fashion upgrade. But it is highly recommended that you choose a white or light-colored clothing for the best results. You also need to purchase a dye (or two if you want to make two-color ombre clothing). They are readily available in the market or craft stores. Also, prepare a plastic wrap, and a pair of gloves only you want to.

First, cover your workplace with the plastic wrap. See to it that you overlap the layers of the plastic wrap so that the dye would not seep through. You should then prepare your dye and the garment you would be using. See the package for instructions. Typically, it involves putting the dye into a bucket of water and submerging the article of clothing in it. Do not dip the entire clothing though. Dye just a part for the ombre effect. Then, saturate the other part with the color of your choice. It does not have to be an equal proportion. You could use a color only on one-third of the garment and the other color on the rest. It is all up to you and your unmistakable fashion sense, honey.

Then, you should wrap the dyed clothing in the plastic wrap. Be sure that the dye would not seep through and be sure that the dark dye would not be on any of the light-colored parts. Let the clothing be like that as instructed by the package. Take note that the longer they sit, the more vibrant the colors would be. After letting them sit for hours, rinse and wash the garment according, again, to the package instructions. Typically, one would be instructed to rinse them in warm or cold water until the water runs clear. Then, you are supposed to wash your brilliant creation using a mild detergent.

For extra oomph, you may begin adding beads and adding other accessories into your clothing. It is just a matter of creativity and resourcefulness, honey.

And, viola! You now have your ombre clothing!

Now, you see, fashion need not to be expensive and beyond reach. With what you have at home and with the little trip to nearby store, you could come up with an amazing fashion find.

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