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Breast Enhancements – Women Health Care

Breast Enhancements – Women Health Care

Breast Enhancements – Before, it was said that beauty is relative. Now, society dictates what beauty is about. Though we can believe to the saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, often times, the eyes are influenced by the society making some intimidated when that person do not qualify for the standard set by the society.

The bigger the boobs, the better. The world has admired many women with big breast. They have defined that SEXY body should have the body statistics of 36-25-36. It simply shows that you have to have big breast, small waist and big hips to be sexy which not all women have.

Unfortunately, not all women had the tendency of having full and big breast. This gives them anxiety, lack of confidence and problems. The slow growth of breast can be due to hormonal imbalances during adolescence stage of females. This makes their breast small as compared to others.

The most well-known solution to this problem is by surgery. Implants are use to fill the breast making it bigger and fuller. But there are some who do not approve this treatment such that it can be dangerous to life and health. Any mistakes on the surgery may lead to infection, serious illness or even death. About one in five women with silicone gel implants-the one used in 60% of surgical augmentation- will be back under knife within 10 years.  This is due to the rupturing of the implants and needs to be replaced to avoid pain and disfiguration. Ouch! And it is still expensive.  But still despite of being costly and the possible side effects, many have still taken this method.

Due to technology, there are other means of enlargement of breast without surgery. Pills, creams and massager are now made available and are promoted to enlarge breast naturally. They provide the necessary ingredients that will help the body to produce the hormone necessary for breast growth such as estrogen and progesterone. Pueraria, fennel seeds and other herbs aims to activate or imitate the hormones for breast growth. However, be warned that these are supplements with no therapeutic claims, the creams may contain chemicals which may not be good for the skin causing allergies and other skin infections. So far no news of any grave negative effect has been exposed brought by these products. Still, it is better to do further research before using this method.

Accepting oneself as how you are created is always the best method. Always keep in mind that the best way to make people like you is to accept and love yourself for who you really are. Everyone is created with a special gift that they can be proud of. Know yourself. You may have small breast but know that there is something better in you that you can show the world. You may just have to figure that out. You will find yourself happier to be surrounded by people who accepted you as you are.

Your body is gift in which you are to take care of. If you think any developments will make you better then do it. What is important is to for you to live happy when you know you can. – Breast Enhancements

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