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Fashion Apps

Fashion Apps

Being updated with the latest style and hippest fashion is made a thousand times easy with these amazing and truly fashionable phone applications you could easily download for free. So connect to the readily available wi-fi and grab these fashion buddies to go!

  • Fashism

This application is available for both Android and iOs. With this app, you could upload your best-angled and stylistic Outfit of the Day (OOTD) and, within a few moments, a community of fashion fans like you would give in their comments about your outfit. Do not be disheartened by the “hot or not” judgments though. Fashism promotes not simply criticisms on your style but actually a handful of online fashion buddies to give you encouragements and great suggestions on your already fashionable style.


  • Chicfeed

This application is also available on both Android and iOs. Though there has been a major development on the large community of fashion blogs and website over the past few years, it is still never short of the fun to browse through them. With Chicfeed, your fashion hunting becomes bliss. Chicfeed collects all together the most popular fashion chronicles online like from Lookbook, Face Hunter, and The Sartorialist. With Chicfeed, you would have an RSS feed of fashion photos without the annoying and confusing multiple tabs.


  • Fashion Kaleidoscope

This powerful fashion application is available for both Android and iOs. Yes, we love surfing through the many fashion blogs and sites. The not-so-pretty thing is that while we adore the outfits and styles, we do not know where on earth we could get one. Well, worry no more because Fashion Kaleidoscope soles our fashion dilemma. It works like your personal style detective. It would show you the many amazing fashion pieces on the web and shows where exactly you could purchase that amazing fashion find or at least something that looks almost the same.


  • Pose

This fashion app is available for both Android and iOs. It works similar to Pinterest and is perfect for the style stalkers of the cyber world. It would ask you a series of questions to determine your style then recommend celebrities and civilians alike who share the similar fashion taste. You could make collections of your photo finds. But wait, there’s more. Pose also allows you get your shopping fix straight from the source as it affixes brand info to its content.


  • Stylish Girl

This application is available for both Android and iOs. All you need to do is take a picture of every piece of clothing from your wardrobe and upload into this app. Stylish Girl organizes your clothes into categories like tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and more. It serves as an electronic organizer that would allow you to systematically mix and match your clothing for your head-turning OOTD.


  • Trendabl

This application is not available in Android yet. It is a fashion-oriented social networking application that allows you to upload sartorial snapshots, put filters, and tag the photos. You may also follow the Trendabl feeds of your friends and your favorite celebrities.

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