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Eating for Smiles

Eating for Smiles

Eating after a stressful day of work or study is really helpful as long as you eat the right food to eat. Studies proved that eating is a good way of making yourself happy; also eating is proven effective in fighting tiredness and stress. Though some are not allowed to do this way of stress relief, eating is still one of the most effective ways to make yourself happy rather than going on the mall to shop or than watching your television the whole night. But, with emphasis to our diet, we must still consider the nutrition that the food that we eat can give us other than making us happy. Aside from chocolate, there are a lot of mood boosting foods that can really help us push the stress away from our body.

Mussels. Being one of the cheapest seafood, it doesn’t mean that it lacks on the nutrient which can help you change your mood. Mussels have lots of Selenium, Zinc , and Iodine which support the thyroid gland that can boost the mood through the release of certain mood-changing hormones. Mussels are also a great brain food that can make your brain functions faster and sharper.

Vegetables. Studies show that eating vegetables can help you boost your mood, and it was proven by many health enthusiasts around the globe. One of the mood boosting vegetables known by many is asparagus. Asparagus have high content of folate and tryptophan, folate and tryptophan had been link to stabilizing depression and mood.   Tryptophan is used by the brain to produce the hormone serotonin which is a mood-stabilizing hormone.

Fruits. As long as you eat something pleasant to your taste, it can change your mood. Fruits are a great way to deal with sweets because along with its tasty package, it also has the enough combination of nutrients that can increase our body’s toleration from stress and pressure. Some fruits like citrus fruits can boost your energy which helps you perform faster and happier. A tomato, which is a fruit, has lycopene which protects the brain from inflammation. Tomatoes are often partnered with olive oil which increases the absorption of lycopene in our body.

Yogurt and other dairy products. Calcium which is commonly found in milk can make us happier through the activation of happiness- inducing neurotransmitters. With emphasis to yogurt, becauses it has been proven that yogurt has higher calcium content.

Honey. If you think that eating sugary food can make you happy at the same time healthy, better think again. Honey is better than regular sugar. At the same time it has quercetin and kaempferol which helps in reducing inflammation in the brain and at the same time keeps the brain healthy.

Eggs. If we’re talking about energizing food, eggs can top it all. Eggs are packed with so many energy releasing nutrient that can make you stay happy and active even a long time of tiresome workloads.

Coconuts. Last but not the least, coconuts have triglycerides which promotes better mood and gives you optimum brain health.

Keeping yourself happy had never been this body friendly, but let us remember that everything that we do to stay active can make us happy. The simple walking with a friend can also help you boost your mood. Even eating mood-boosting foods can make you happier, social interaction is really one of the most effective way of making yourself happier.

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