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Why Apply for a Short Term Health Care Plan?

Why Apply for a Short Term Health Care Plan?

Short term Health care is a type of health insurance that can works for only a given, limited time. While most people may think of this inefficient, many are able to appreciate of availing this type of insurance for several reasons. If you are one of those who are in between jobs, unemployed, waiting for a new health insurance to begin, recent graduate, or with kids whom you want to be insured, you may find the short term health care plan good for you. Here are some reasons why you should opt for short term health care plans.

  • Short term health care or also known as temporary health care can cover the same aspects with those long term health insurance plans or more. It can cover prescription drugs, inpatient hospital services, ambulance services, X-ray and laboratory services, and other services they deem necessary for your condition when an incident occur that affect your health. It can help you with an overall cost of as much as 2 Million dollars to 5 million dollars depending on the policies of the insurance you availed.
  • You can also enroll your kids as young as a 3 days old baby in which the long term health insurance cannot allow. This has been very efficient for children who are to go for camping trips. This will save you from expensive monthly premiums and assure you to have assistance to whatever may happen to your kids during camping trips. This is also used in school and other institutes. They can also register their students to this type of insurance to help them with any untoward incident that may happen to their student under their care.
  • It can be purchased and activated easily. You can simply search the internet for some short term health care plans and they can already give you a quote in just a few minutes. From there, you can also choose and purchase the plan you wish to apply. Approval of the application will be done within 30 days and coverage will already start by midnight of the night you applied. You will receive a card delivered for free in to your doorstep in a few days showing that you have availed the short term health care plan. It is so easy and convenient that you never have to worry about any health expense that surprisingly may come your way.
  • It is more accessible and price reasonable. The short term health care plan can cost as low as 20-30 dollars. The low price is basically due to competitive advantage. More and more health insurance companies are competing to acquire majority of people and make them the trends setters for short term health care plans. As such, the one with the most competitive price (which is normally the cheapest but with favorable benefits) acquires more applicants for the program. Thus, more profit for the business.
  • The short term health care plans are very manageable to suit your needs. You can pay it on a monthly basis or on a one-time payment whatever would suit you. It can last for 6 months up to 12 months depending on how long you wish to be under the program. Extension is also necessary for some which can last for 36 months or 3 years. Extensions may include prescriptions to better benefit the insured.


You should never think that you can simply get along without a health insurance because you’ll never know what will happen specially if you are the head of the family. Having the short term health care plan will insure you for any drastic event that may happen to your health and you’ll realize that the price was worth it. Short term health care plan is cheap which is made to prepare you from any serious accident or illness that may come unexpectedly. This will prevent bankruptcy among family that suffers from high medical expenditures due to absence of a health care plan.

Your job is to have yourself and your whole family insured. With the benefits of a good short term health care plan, you should do your part by comparing the plans with the same type of coverage by requesting quotes from www.healthinsurance-quotes.org. From there, you can decide the best short term health care plan for you.

At the same time, you must not forget to review exclusions and benefits from each type or short health care plan. Normally, people with pre-existing illness are generally ineligible for short term health care plans or they have to pay higher premiums to be covered. Athletes who are at higher risk of getting injuries are often excluded to availing short term health care plans as well as pregnant women. The short term health care plans do not offer maternity coverage. They are only for unwanted or unforeseen accidents or illness that may come along within the covered period in the policy. It normally excludes regulatory visits, preventive health care services as well as prescriptions.

Before you go and having yourself a short term health care plan, you should first seek if it is essential especially if you are insured in your previous company. Ever heard of COBRA? It is a privilege applicable if you were unemployed from a company with over 20 employees.  This allows extensions of your health insurance for 18 additional months even when you are no longer employed in the company. You only have 60 days window of time to apply for this privilege. With this case, you may not need to apply for a short term health care plan noting that you have yourself employed within 18 months.

Short term health care plans both have its advantages and disadvantages. It is made to adjust to some people’s demand and lifestyle. Whether you find this insurance relevant for you or not, what is important is to have you and perhaps your whole family insured. You can never tell when you may need health assistance since you can never tell when you’ll get sick. Having a health care plan is a back up for you to such that if anything bad will happen (which I do hope not to happen), you’ll have something to help you out.

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