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The Good Sides of Health Care Plans

The Good Sides of Health Care Plans

Individual health care plans have reached its highest point of marketability in our society, some say it is a waste of money and resources but some say or is actually endorsed that it is a good way to protect you from untoward accidents, but what those in the negative view of individual health care plans is nothing compared to the benefits that one can have if one manages to acquire a plan of herself. It is surely an immeasurable gift to one individual if he managed to save his own life with just a small amount of expenditures given to keep him healthy and safe at all times. Truly, health is something that we value for our own aside from other needs that help us live a normal decent life, and we should know that investing for our health is investing for a well-rounded future that may assure to us that we will have a good life after some point when we are in need of this medical aids and health care services. But contrary to popularity of health care insurance to the world, aside from well-developed countries like America and China, is the rise of the uninsured individuals to different countries which at the same time affects the mortality rate of one specific country. One reason for this rise of uninsured individuals was the lack of information and education about health care and medicine; they are pretty prone to a supposition which holds them back in assuring the betterment of their health. One way of educating the people about how important their health is, was to introduce to them the value of individual health care plans.

Truly before acquiring individual health care plans, we must first know what are the ups and the benefits that you may have if you are going to buy your own individual health care plan. Here are some of the benefits that one may experience if they acquire an individual health care plans.

Doctor Visits

Visiting the doctor is often the cheapest aspect of health care coverage, but that does not mean it is inexpensive. The average doctor visit can run $75 or more for a basic exam. Blood tests, cultures, immunizations and other procedures can quickly triple or quadruple that cost. With individual health care plans, you many pay only a nominal co-pay for the visit, usually between $10 and $30.

Preventive Care

As more of a focus is put on preventive care, insurance companies are responding accordingly, offering more benefits in that area. This may include coverage for annual physicals and tests, as well as covering the expenses for some family-planning methods. Insurance companies see such benefits as an investment, possibly helping to avoid larger costs in the future.

Prescription Drugs

As medical research and new technologies find more cures and ways to cope with more ailments, the demand for prescription drugs continues to grow. These drugs can often be quite expensive, especially if generics are not available. Prescription drug coverage can substantially reduce the amount a patient pays for these medications, usually with no deductible required. The patient’s share of the cost may be in the form of a co-pay or certain percentage of the entire cost.



In some cases, vision benefits may be included as part of a standard policy offered by an employer. In other cases, this may be part of a premium coverage package. Vision benefits may pay for a doctor’s exam, eyeglasses, contact lenses or all of these things. Some packages may offer full coverage and some may only pay a percentage. Some coverages could even offer permanent vision correction benefits, such as LASIK surgery


Hospitalization is where the benefits of having individual health care plans can clearly be seen. The average daily cost of a non-critical stay at the hospital is more than $1,100 a day throughout the United States. Individual health care plan benefits typically pay 80 percent to 90 percent of the costs after the deductible has been reached. Further, there is usually an annual maximum out-of-pocket amount of several thousand dollars. Once that is reached, the insurance pays 100 percent of the costs.

Mental Health

In the past, mental health coverage was a rarity in a standard medical package. Now, it is included much more often. The push for parity, meaning coverage that’s as good for mental health as it is for physical health, has become a common theme among some special interest groups (see Resources below). Mental health coverage often pays for counseling sessions with psychologists and visits with a psychiatrist.

Also, individual health care plans have other various supplemental benefits that you may enjoy or cherish as it will really help you a lot.

Financial Status

Medical expenditures are often hard to handle without even trying to lay a hand to another man’s wallet. But individual health care plans help you lessen your financial burden as it greatly reduces your medical expenditures to the extent that it may not be that of a burden anymore. And some, after experiencing catastrophic medical diseases, was able to re-build their own self with the help of the remaining money that they saved because of having an individual helath care plan.

Peace of Mind

Health is something very important to each of us, and we do everything to preserve our life the way it should be. But sudden accidents and diseases that may catch us unaware can’t simply leave our minds without threat. Often accidental medical problems are often mind boggling and surprising, especially when our loved ones are at the risk. This simply can’t keep us stress free. But when you are covered by an individual health care plan, there is simply nothing to worry as you can let them handle these matters for you.

Just remember that even though individual health care plans may protect you from being caught unattended by certain medical issues in your life, still protecting yourself from diseases through discipline and healthy lifestyle is the first thing that may really be of great help to you.

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