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Overcoming from Injury

Overcoming from Injury

Injuries are actually normal especially for beginners. This is actually one of the basic reasons why people fear to start becoming fit. They are afraid of experiencing pain and not being able to overcome it. It is very painful and punishing and can lead to disabilities if not properly treated. However, there is actually a fitness saying “no pain, no gain” in which defines that to be able to become fit, you have to feel pain or at least have something to sacrifice. Perhaps all sports from swimming, dancing, running, biking, basketball and all physical sports are at risks to having injuries. So if you really want to be fit, you really have to physically, mentally and emotionally prepare yourself that there might be some time in your life that you have the scariest part of fitness: “getting injured”.

How to overcome injuries? It is actually better to prevent having one rather than overcoming it. Some are really careful not to get injured. However, if you really want to excel in a sport, you really have to experience pain. Most elite athletes I have known could actually testify on that. They really have to exert too much effort to excel leading them to some injuries. This injury or injuries are what made them better and stronger than they were before. What they do is they overcome it with the proper guidance and training. However, injuries can come from light to drastic. On how deep your body is affected by the injury normally determines how well you’ll overcome from it.

I had a friend in college who used to tell me one of her stories as a long distance runner. She used to have an injury when she started to enter running in college. It was really painful that she can no longer walk normally, I saw her during our college years. She said that it doesn’t hurt when she runs but becomes very painful when she stops. She was preparing for a fast 5-km run that time but ended up, losing because of her injury. It was really frustrating and scary as a beginner. But she never quit.  Yes, she rested or stopped running for a while as prescribed by her coach but offered other sport which was swimming (that was the time she finally learned how to swim because she got no choice, she really hates wearing a swimsuit). She was scared to visit a doctor for fear that I would end up prohibited to run, which actually did better for her. To make the story short, she recovered and become a good long distance runner in our college years.

When injury hit you, you have to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared. Though what my friend did was the opposite, it is highly advisable to check up with your doctor for any injury you felt. This will prevent severity of the injury and can help you properly treat your injury efficiently. At the same time, when you got injured, it is not really necessary that you quit doing any physical activities. Just like my friend, she shifted to other activity (which was swimming) so that your fitness level will not go back to zero. Just make sure that the activity you’ll do will not strain the injured part of your body. You can ask your doctor about it. Lastly, which is normally the hardest part, is learning to overcome your fear to returning to the sport once you are healed. You can start it from light exercise until you are confident to go on with the sport. Since your fitness level is not zero, you can be assured that your body can withstand it. It is actually all on your will to overcome and start again and since it is your body, only you can tell what you can and cannot overcome.

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