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Fitness in Pole Dancing

Fitness in Pole Dancing

If you are actually looking for something unique and cool stuff for fitness, pole dancing may e just right for you. You may think that pole dancing is easy by just seeing the people who do it but it really requires a lot of training and exercise to be able to do those movements gracefully and fluidly. I tried lifting my body as I hold onto a pole and I fail. It was really hard. Pole dancing can really increase your strength, flexibility, agility and rhythm as you do dancing along with the music. If you are looking for something to release some sweat, this is the exercise that can really give you that sweaty workout. Pole dancing is not really just an art but also a fitness routine that you can enjoy and can give you a lot of benefits such as :

Lessons are learned as you finish a move

That is, when you are done mastering a task, you can expect a lot more to do. You’ll never get bored of doing the same old stuff. You can start with a spin and go for another movement afterwards. The practices makes you easily gauge how far have you gone from a beginner as you go step by step.

Provides tangible goals to increase motivation

Concrete, achievable goals, with highly desirable rewards, increase motivation. In pole dancing you are provided with an endless supply of attainable goals such as: to climb to the top of the pole, to do a hands-free outside leg hang, to string 5 moves together without stopping. As you learn each step, you aim to go further and better.

It comes with a combination of different exercises.

Pole dancing is both an isometric and isotonic workout… rolled into one! Isotonic contractions are exercise movements in which opposing muscles (such as biceps and triceps) contract throughout a controlled movement. For example: lifting weights or doing pushups, or pulling yourself up into a pole spin. Isometric contractions are exercise movements in which your muscles push against a solid object, while a static position is held, and the angle of the joint does not change.

Provide great fun and excitement and addictive.

Pole dancing is so much fun that you truly want to turn up to class and exercise! This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons women flock to pole as a form of fitness, and also the reason why so many stick to it! Because pole dancing is so enjoyable and rewarding, it quickly becomes an addiction! Your self-esteem sky-rockets, you feel great, you look great – and the sweet taste of victory quickly becomes addictive. Each time you accomplish a move, you are inspired to do better, to push harder, and to achieve more tricks. It’s like a little dangling carrot in front of your nose and it works wonders for motivation.

This is a fitness routine for all.

Everyone can try it. With the right training of the basics, you can surely excel. Pole dancing provides routines that are suitable to your age and fitness level. By the time your body has achieved the right fitness level, pole dancing can still offer you more exiting movements or routines that you’ll truly enjoy.  Try it and see for yourself.

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