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Crochet for women

Crochet for women

In this fast-paced society, we all know that everything comes with the use of technology, but we never know that in the past we used to be more natural and more creative and functional. Unlike today, women of the past entertain themselves by doing arts and crafts and not by simply jogging or walking around the park unwillingly with their music player on just to please them to do the fitness thing. Everything about the past generation women are so creative and they tend to lavish themselves by basket weaving, painting, drawing, and many more arts and crafts that is possible to be done inside the home while waiting for the food to cook or while listening to the radio. Nowadays, we may only see this happening or being done by old women on their late 60’s and 70’ or by school children trying to comply with their academic requirements, but do you know that even in our generation we can still accumulate this artistic hobby in our daily life even though we are working and busy with our concerns. Here is some of the reason why you should start crocheting as a hobby and as a recreational activity.

It is easy to learn. While there are many arts and crafts that are not easy to learn, crocheting keeps its place as one of the easiest crafts to be done anywhere and everywhere. And unlike cross-stitching, which requires to follow a certain intricate pattern, crocheting is just as simple as making a scarf that you use to wear in winters, yes, it is easy to make.

It is a satisfying hobby. After finishing a certain task for craft for the first time, you will feel a distinct feeling of satisfaction. Finishing your first crochet artwork may be crafty, and needs a lot of guidance, but after the hard work you will really feel the happiness running through your veins. The simple feeling of satisfaction can really cause relaxation to the body.

It improves mental ability. Anything that involves creativity is something that can improve your mental ability. Anything that involves focus and concentration of interest introduce mental health and wellness. Crocheting at the same time helps in releasing certain hormones that are helpful in the body, these are mainly dopamine and serotonin which is helpful in having a goodnight sleep and helps you manage and experience less stress while working.

It can introduce social interaction. Some people do crochet in groups so that they may interact with other crocheting enthusiasts and share their creative ideas with each other. It also helps in establishing social connection which is very essential for us.

It is a good way to exercise your joints. Crocheting lets you move certain parts of the body, particularly muscles near the joints of the shoulders. It also gives you the flexibility as each and every movement in crocheting varies and it may really give you the endurance to endure tension or muscle stress.

It is a very good creative outlet. Of course, crocheting enhances your creative mind, like any other crafts but what is good is that it is very unique and simple to learn unlike painting and sketching. And also it doesn’t really require much time.

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