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Women’s Bodybuilding : Body building for women, YES or NO?

Women’s Bodybuilding : Body building for women, YES or NO?

During early history, women had been treated differently from men. Women are to do household chores, stay at home, cook food, serve their husband and even deprived to higher education. They also have to keep themselves beautiful, sexy or attractive to men since they have to depend on men to strive for a living. Things started to change for women are now experiencing independence. Women can do different things; office works, sports, have higher education and even be the educator themselves and all other things that men often do. Even courting nowadays can be done by women and is acceptable to the society as a form of liberalization. Still, for some places or for some people, women’s independence is limited to some aspects especially in physical works. Men are still preferred to do heavy load of work not do disgrace but to respect women. Though women are allowed to join sports, women still belong on a separate category from men to provide equality among sexes. We have proven so many things in this world that women can do but still, men will always be different from us women. (women bodybuilding)

It was only in late 1960s when physique contest for women started. The contest basically focused on the muscularity of the women and it was only on late 1970 when an official body building competition for women started. However, there are some discrimination to women bodybuilders in relation to men’s beliefs and perception on women’s slenderness and trim figure. Men would have lower appreciation on women bodybuilders as they become more masculine like men. Because of this, rules and qualifications were revised such that those female with big muscular body were no longer accepted. Even today, women cash prizes for such competition is much lower than men. In the 2012, Mr. Olympia received a cash prize of 250,000 US dollars while Ms. Olympia on received 28,000 US dollars. In Afghanistan, bodybuilding is strictly prohibited among women. Starting 1988, women bodybuilding has been banned in Malaysia such that to be able to compete, they have to search and travel abroad.

Still, before deciding to go through any sports or exercise, there are some basic facts you have to know for you to decide to pursue it or not. For women bodybuilding, here are some:

If you think bodybuilding will make you masculine like men, the answer is a NO. Testosterone is one of the major hormones that promote muscle build up. However, testosterone in women is very few with only 15-70 ng/dl as compared to men with 200-1200 ng/dl. That is around 16.47 times difference in amount of testosterone. The effect of bodybuilding or weight lifting on women would simply be toning of muscles and development of cardiovascular system. If you are wondering why models and professional bodybuilders have huge muscular body, this is due to the intake of anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are described as synthetic testosterone which aid to build up muscles who ever use it. If you are still aiming for that masculinity, you can take anabolic steroids or performance enhancing drugs like ephidine which contain androgen that can increase muscle size. Be warned that using this drugs can lead to side effects such as acne and oily skin, aggression, baldness like that of men, lowering of voice tone, disruption of the menstrual cycle, heightened sex drive,  muscle strength gain and other health related issues.

If you are going to bodybuilding to increase your breast size, the result is you’ll never get there. The breast is mostly made up of fat tissues and if you decrease your fat level by around 12%, the tendency is you’ll decrease your cup size. What is really happening is that bodybuilding may increase your back size such that your breast size is altered. Breast implants and augmentation is done by professional body builders to keep their breast on their desired size.

Some might tend to avoid training due to the effect of becoming stiff and muscle bound. However, according to bodybuilders, doing your workouts at full range motion will develop your flexibility. You just to execute the workout well to increase your flexibility. Flyes, stiff-legged deadlifts, dumbbell presses, chin-ups and other exercise will increase your stretching abilities. To make sure you won’t get stiff, adding dancing to your workout would be fun and necessary.

Some people think that when they stop doing weight training, their muscle will become fat so they tend to avoid doing it in the first place. If you are thinking that fat and muscle are same tissues, better try researching to find the truth. Fat tissue is different from that of muscle tissue. You cannot convert one to another. Similarly, you can’t turn fat into muscle. What really happens is that when you stop exercising, you start losing your muscles. Fat on the other hand is accumulated to improper diet and so that is how you lose your muscles and get fat. When you exercise, you develop muscle and lose some fat.

Truth be told, you cannot eat anything you want even when you exercise. Each individual have different metabolism patterns. Some are ‘hard gainers’ who have high metabolic rate that merely exceed or reach the amount of calories they burn each day. If you are those ‘fast gainers’, you have to make sure that what you eat is just enough for your caloric consumption so that you won’t get fat even when you do bodybuilding.

If you think you only need to lift weights that are very light, you are wrong even though you think you only need cardio workouts. Lifting weights that do not challenge your muscles are useless. Muscle responds to resistance, you need bodybuilding to get your muscle building machine to get going to prevent loss of muscle tissues.

Knowing the facts will help you decide if you’re on for body building or not. Now, for those who are decided to try it, remember the basics you have to do on workouts. Keep yourself hydrated. Monitor and choose the food you eat in accordance to proper diet. Provide the body with enough protein and essential fatty acids. For pain, always consult an expert to fully address the problem. Another thing, if you want to shape up your curve appeal, here are several workouts that may work for you; dead lifts, squats, lunges, pull-ups and dips. Just be informed with the proper execution of the workouts, and you’re ready to go bodybuilding. (women bodybuilding)





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