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Finding the Perfect Jeans

Finding the Perfect Jeans

The last thing a modern woman needs is a pair of jeans that do not fit perfectly and makes her look worse. Choosing the perfect jeans that suit your style and body type can be as easy as 1,2,3 only if we know the ABC’s in finding the right one. So, ladies, get ready for the things you need to know in buying the pair of jeans that would suit you best.

If you have towering height, avoid capris. Trousers are better since they put attention on your long legs. Also, a slightly boyish cut would give you an adorable look. Straight and not-too-skinny jeans would look great as well. High-waist pants also show off the long legs.

If you have skinny legs, avoid anything that fits too much. Faded denim could also add curve to your skinny frame. Darker wash with fade also gives the curve effect to your thin legs. Cuffs are also a must.

So if you have an hourglass frame, which is actually the one most women prefer since it is curvy and proportional, choose jeans that have defined waistlines to accentuate your waist. Roomy jeans are a good choice, but avoid baggy and tapered ones. Straight cuts can even show off your natural curves. Midrise pants are also okay.

For the apple frames, or the top heavy kind of figure, avoid skinny jeans in general except if you are wearing a long tunic over the skinny pants. Low or midrise that is not too close to the midsection is also a good choice. A pair of classic jeans would look great if it fits perfectly. Hip-hugging jeans to emphasize their curves are also highly suggested. Always try to fill out the lower half of the body to gain balance. Wide-legged or flare jeans would help solve the dilemma. Jeans with worn out look would also help add volume.

For short-legged gals, skinny jeans are suggested. Twenty six to thirty inches of inseam is ideal for you. Pocket detailing may also help add glamour. Sim and snug style jeans look good as well.

For plus-size women, clean lines and straight cut would look decent. Also go for darker denims. A little leg room is also a big yes. Nipped-in waist could define your body as well. Also go for denim with spandex for ease and comfort.

For pear-shaped frames, the type which is the opposite of apple meaning you are bottom heavy, go for low-rise styles. Have jeans that contain oversized pockets that narrow at the bottom to make your buttocks look rounder and thighs smaller. Also avoid pants with front pockets to make the hips look smaller. A relaxed boot cut is also suggested. A 70’s cut could also give good body proportions. Opt for dark shades of denim to put the attention on the top part of the body.

For those with rectangle frames, or the body that has little amount of curves, avoid details around the hips. Straight cuts are a good choice. Also go for jeans with larger openings at the ankle rather than at the thighs. Skinny jeans could also show curves but avoid highlighting areas you would not want others to notice. Jeans with faded parts at the thighs and knees could also give curves. If you have flat buttocks, choose ones with embellished back pockets.

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