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Women’s Health: a priority

Women’s Health: a priority

Women’s health is one of the most important factors to read this post here be considered in life that is often neglected. There are many things in life that women would want to achieve in the future. They work hard, strive and do so many risks to achieve their goal. To buy a new house, a new car, to travel, to be financially stable, to have and to be able to provide a family, to be a good mother, to have her own way and other things that women would do anything to achieve them. They’re becoming so busy and start to forget one important thing: health. To be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and hard work, you have to be alive and not simply alive but physically strong enough to do the things you wanted to do. If you haven’t thought about it, the best time to invest to your health would be NOW. Yes, do it right now that you are young and may still reverse the effect that your improper habits may give to you. Invest browse around this web-site on your health right at this moment and you’ll find out later in life that investing in women health is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your life.

Overall, there are five major diseases that women should know about. The top 5 that can cause death or disabilities among women are heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression, and autoimmune diseases.

Heart disease is considered as the leading killer for both men and women. In women, 29% of death can be accounted for heart disease. Females are said to be under-diagnosed such that by the time it is discovered, curing or treatment has become difficult. We normally account heart disease with chest pain but keep in mind that there are other symptoms such as jaw pain, shoulder ache, nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath.  According to the American Heart Association, there are several risks factors for heart disease; increasing age, smoking, heredity, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, physical activity, obesity and overweight, and diabetes. Heart disease can cause premature death and disability of some parts of the body due the irregularity of blood flow. Women often neglects pain they feel and are often misguided by other factors as such, their health are being compromised.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women though it is next to lung cancer when it comes to women who acquired the disease. However, there is nothing to be afraid for breast cancer has a lot of treatment nowadays. If detection has been done earlier, there will be higher assurance of curing the disease. Regular massaging of breast can be done to observe any presence of lumps at the breast that can be a cause of cancer. The following are the risks factors for having breast cancer; increasing age, genes that causes 5-10% of breast cancer linked to mutation of certain genes, family history of cancer, race, earlier abnormal breast biopsy, chest radiation, earlier onset of menstruation (before age 12) or menopause after age of 55, not having children, too much alcohol and obesity. Knowing these factors may alert you and for you to properly monitor your health status.

Osteoporosis can lead to being hunched back, back pain and frailty of the bones. The bones are no longer strong enough to support your body brought about by the thinning of the bones or lowering of bone density. According to National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), among 44 million who have this disease, 68% are women.  The best time to invest for your bone mass s from infantry up to the age of 21, after 21, the absorption of calcium to increase bone mass slows down up to age 30 where the bones would only be maintained on what calcium it has from that age. There are several factor to be considered for being at risk of these disease such as; female sex, increasing age, small, thin-boned frame, ethnicity such that it is said that whites and Asian women have greater risk, sex hormones such that irregular menstrual cycle and estrogen loss due to menopause stage may increase risk, and heredity. Despite the risk factors, osteoporosis can still be prevented by nurturing your bones at an early age. Proper diet especially dairy products, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle can keep your bones strong and fight this disease.

Women health is greatly affected by depression. It is a considered a mental disorder affecting our overall well-being. This is very prone to women. Women being very emotional and sensitive can lead to too much depression affecting their food habits, activities and lifestyles. The National Institute of Mental Health reported that 12 million women are affected by depressive disorder each year as compared to 6 million men each year. Depression can be brought by several factors; stressful living, previous depressing episode, family history of depression, history of heart problems, marital problems, childhood history of physical or sexual abuse, eating or anxiety disorders, worrying too much, substance or drug abuse, recent serious illness or surgery and others that can affect our emotions. Nomally, having someone to care for you would relieve anxiety and depression. Having a stable relationship will allow you to have someone to share your thoughts and clear your mind.

Lupus, multiple sclerosis and type-1 diabetes can be defined as autoimmune diseases that can lead to disability to women. 7 % of people who have these diseases are women. There are only suspected risk factors as to where these diseases can be acquired; can be genetic, hormonal and environmental.  These diseases are still under further research for its growth and effects on the body are not yet well understood. Due to lack of information with these diseases, doctors often neglect the effects and are not well-diagnosed. If ever in doubt, consultation with other doctors will always be necessary for a second opinion and for the illness to be verified.

Normally, these diseases are brought about by the increase of age. As we become mentally mature, so is our body. According to Saralyn Mark, an MD, “take charge of your health. You know what makes you feel good and you know when you don’t feel well”. Basically, understanding is the key to wellness. Know how to work on certain illness and always consult a doctor for anything unusual in your body. You may find this expensive, just keep in mind that when certain illness becomes worse, it would be more expensive to cure or worse it cannot be cured at all. The only way you can really enjoy life is when your body would be strong enough to actually do what your mind wants to do. Make your health a priority and an investment. Keep in mind that before you can care for others, you should know to take care of yourself. Promote the importance of women health so that more will know the key to a better and satisfying life.

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