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A Glass of Wine

A Glass of Wine

Alcoholism or being addicted to drinking alcoholic beverages has been a fight by different health advocacies all over the world. It has been accounted for different chronic illness that has brought impairment or death among individuals. Despite the negative feedbacks, alcoholic beverages still exist and even developed. From the classical wine come different alcoholic beverages such as beer, whiskey, vodka and others. The wine, particularly the red wine (the one that comes from grapes) has been part of the world history with a good industry and reputation which is even today, is served with respect by some countries around the world. Actually, aside being a special drink for special occasions, wines do have their health benefits.

Wine has been an alternative drink to water during the past. It can also be used as antiseptic for wounds, digestive aid, cure for ailments from lethargy and diarrhea and eases the pain when giving birth in which pregnant women are encouraged to drink wine moderately. Studies have proven that wines can lower the risk of heart attack and different heart diseases as it promotes blood circulation due to the tannins it contain (called procyanindin). Wines also contain antioxidants from the fruits in which it came from that are very beneficial for eye sight and life longetivity.  If wine is taken with food, it also initiates digestion and allow you to increase your appetite on the food.  However, the health benefits of drinking wine can only be achieve at moderate consumption.

Moderate consumption of wine varies according to age, gender, genetics, weight, and body stature. Women tend to absorb alcohol faster than men due to the lower body water content which gives women lower resistance against the effect of alcohol. Doctors in general would recommend an amount of 5 US Fluid ounces or 150 milliliter glass of wine per day for women while 2 glasses of the volume per glasses are for men each day. These are considered moderate alcohol intake.

Risks can be acquired if alcohol drinking is not moderated. Heavy drinking can lead to damage to the bones as it decreases bone mass making it prone to breakage or other bone ailments. It can also increase the risk of cancer in the breast, colon, esophageal and stomach. Liver is the part of the body in charge of purifying your body and protecting you from toxins. If heavy drinking continues, you might end up infecting your liver and destroying it completely. Too much alcohol can lead to dehydration in your body. Insufficient water supply to the body can affect every system in your body. Psychologically, chronic drinking has lead to several accidents and crime among people all over the world in which alcohol can make a person lose his or her self control and awareness when taken too much.

As what you can see, the advantages can be overwhelmed by the disadvantages when alcohol is taken too much. This is not to stop people for drinking wine or other alcoholic beverages since they do have their benefits. This is to promote moderation and control to avoid alcohol abuse because only when alcohol is taken right will do you good.

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