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A Life Towards Fitness

A Life Towards Fitness

Our world right now is on its way towards technological advancement. Life unlike before is becoming easier to live with all the new stuff we continue to create or innovate. Many new inventions, discoveries are made. While some may be for the good of mankind such as new cure for illness, equipments for disease detection, new facilities, new gadgets to ease our job, and other good stuff you can actually think of brought by technological advancement, there are also some negative effects brought by technology. As cures were made, new forms of diseases arise which are eventually more complicated. Before, fever is already one among the serious cases but now, we have cancer, osteoporosis, pneumonia, and other complicated diseases.

We can see this as one of the side effect brought by technology. Factories that create products causes disruption to the environment we live in. Because of the ease in life that new gadgets could offer, people are less to exert effort. Before, people would walk, run, or ride a bicycle to reach their destination. Now, they use cars, motorcycles in which they no longer exert much effort. People are less expose to physical activities. Kids, instead of playing and running around the park would now rather stay at home facing their cellular phones, computer or laptop playing video games or chatting with friends. This is not to fight technological advancements because it really has done great things for us. This is for us to be aware of what we are really missing and to give you a chance to change your ways for the better.

Weakness of the human body is one of the unnoticeable side effects of technological advancement. We are less exposed to physical
activities that our body becomes weak and more exposed to serious illness. We are exposed to different fast foods made easy to eat that re normally unhealthy and risky to eat as compared to those that are freshly home-made. “WALL-E” is a movie in 2008 that can best describe what we’ll look like if we become truly dependent to technology. You can try and watch it. People there end up being obese and are dependent on floating chairs since they could no longer carry the weight of their body. At the same time, they no longer live on earth because it’s been totally destroyed.  Do you want to be like that or do you want your children to suffer like that? The key is to let your life enter the world of fitness.

fitness 3It may not be easy at start but your body will get along well soon. Choose any sport that capture your interest and do your best to excel in it. You can ask a doctor to give you an exercise that will suit you best especially if you are just a beginner. Your biggest challenge is to start. You may have to give up some hours of your easy life and dedicate it in physical activity. With discipline and determination to reach your goal, you can surpass any challenge that may come your way towards fitness. You’ll later on realize that all your effort is worth it because the benefits are long lasting even as you age and it does not only benefit you physically but also mentally and emotionally. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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