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A Little Look at Oprah

A Little Look at Oprah

Being one the richest, most influential and most famous females on television, Oprah surely is someone

to put our eyes on. Dubbed by CNN as “arguably the world’s most powerful woman”, she defined
history and culture not only for women but also for the black people. She is an epitome of success, and
let us spend a little of our time to have a glance at the fabulous and colorful life of an Oprah Winfrey.

Opposed to her wealth in the present days, she was born in an impoverished state to her teenage
single mother in Kosciusko, Mississippi. After she was born, her mother went north and left her to her
grandmother with whom she spent the first six years of her life. She was called “The Preacher” by their
fellow churchgoers because she could recite Bible verses. When she reached six, she moved in with her
mother in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her mother was less supportive and caring because she spent long
hours working as a maid.

In 1986, Oprah confessed that she was molested by her cousin, uncle and a family friend. She was only
nine when the abuse started. When she reached 13, she ran away from home and got pregnant when
she was 14. Her son, however, died shortly after death. Though her mother was strict, education was
her first priority. Oprah became an honor student way back in high school and even gained a scholarship
to Tennessee State University for winning an oratorical contest. She took up communication.

She had worked for television, film, writing and radio. Her most notable show would certainly be her
self-titled program “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. It was first classified as a tabloid talk show but Oprah
later on tackled broader issues like geopolitics and heart disease, and interviewing celebrities on social
issues they were related to. The show was also known for its big-time giveaways to its audience like cars
donated by General Motors.

Oprah was known for confession of highly personal issues on television like weight problems and
sexual abuse. The Wall Street Journal even coined the term “Oprahfication” which means confessing
publicly as a form of therapy. Oprah broadcasted both public and private issues. Oprah’s uncanny ability
to influence public opinion has then been dubbed as “The Oprah Effect”. She promoted classic and
unpopular books and right after, they make it to the bestseller list. She also endorsed President Barrack
Obama which garnered him a million votes according to one estimate.

Oprah was also dubbed as one of the 50 most generous Americans and was the first black person
to ever make it to the list. She opened a charity under the name of “Oprah’s Angel Network” that
supported other charitable non-profit organizations around the world.

Oprah never married. She was involved in some romantic affairs but it never led to marriage. She also
confessed that she had chosen not be a mother because she has not been mothered well.

Oprah is a face not only of success, fame and wealth but also of standing back up in times of falling
down. Her name has been etched in the hearts of Americans and even people outside its borders for
decades and even centuries.


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