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A No to Fast Foods

A No to Fast Foods

Fast foods are abundant in calories, fats, and sodium. And too much of these could greatly affect our overall health and wellness. They will considerably degrade our state of health. Many people, especially those who are too busy to cook or wait for their orders to be served at restaurants, make fast foods their regular meals. If we frequently intake fast foods, it would be a sure-fire way to ruin our health.

Yes, we are all aware that pigging out at McDonald’s, KFC or whatever fast food chain you love eating at does us no good. But, it is so hard to resist the taste we have grown to love ever since we were just little kids. If I were to get married, I would love to have my reception at McDonald’s. Kidding aside, maybe we should get acquainted with the specific and in-depth reasons why we should avoid eating at fast foods. And maybe once we finally do, they would serve as powerful restraints to keep us from ever coming back.

Fast foods are low in the vitamins and minerals the body needs. They have too little to none of vitamins C, B complex, A, E, iron, proteins, fiber, calcium and other sorts of nutrients that would keep our body going. Unless maybe we are eating salads, fast foods are nothing but empty calories. We are filling ourselves with those unwanted calories and not meeting the nutritional requirements of our bodies. And even if we are eating salad, there are some that are even unhealthier than burgers and sandwiches for having more calories, fats and sodium.

So yes, fast foods are way too abundant in fats. Fried meals like French fries and chicken dishes are very bad for our health because they have large amount of saturated fats and trans-fats. Trans-fats could possibly increase the cholesterol level in the blood. According to studies, trans-fats increase the level of bad cholesterols and lower the level of good cholesterols. Moreover, fast foods do not come with nutritional charts or labels that make us unaware of how much fats they really do contain. Yikes!

Fast foods are also well-stuffed with sodium. The reason for this is because salt acts as a really effective preservative and flavoring. They run to salt for refuge to serve you your instant and yummy meal. A typical grown-up should not have more than two thousand three hundred milligrams of sodium every day. The figure slides down to one thousand five hundred milligrams if you have health conditions like heart disease or hypertension. Even just one meal at a fast food restaurant could easily make you exceed your daily sodium requirement. Yes, you read it right. Even just one meal. Just one meal.

Fast foods prove to pose severe threats to our overall health. However, that does not imply that we should banish them completely from our lives. Occasional dining at fast food chains could do us no significant harm. The key is always moderation. Another key would be smart food options like going for grilled burgers and salads.

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