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Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

Aging has been a fear of some. For them, aging equals with weakened body, fading beauty and the end

of life. It can actually be a refreshing and rewarding experience only if we realize and recognize how to
do it gracefully. We should not only accept getting old, but celebrate it.

Age does not need to be marked with diseases and weakness. The first and probably most important
key: to exercise. It helps us control weight, lower blood pressure, and strengthen muscles. Engaging in
physical activities also lowers the risk of dementia. Exercise to not be too fat or too thin.

Also, prevention is a must. Getting shots and vaccines, being educated on various forms of diseases and
keeping an active lifestyle can all lead to a well and healthy elderly life. We may not actually prevent the
disease itself, but we can prevent the major damages it can do to our body.

Aging gracefully involves physical aspects, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. What it takes is more of on
the mind- how we think, our outlook and perspective. If you have positive energy flowing inside your
body, it reflects on the outside.

First, accept reality. No one’s ever made to be wrinkle-free and sexy forever (unless you die young).
You’re not going to have the figure of twenty-year-old woman when you are like 60. And nothing is
wrong with it. We should learn to accept that nothing really does last forever and love our body the
way it is. Society has been putting so much pressure on being young and pretty- up to the point when
it is not even possible. And we need not listen. Surely treatments, products and procedures that can
magically reverse the aging process are such good life offers. But we can never be forever young. It is
one of the universal truths since time immemorial, and it remains to be. The only solution life has to
offer is to accept and to embrace our elderly years.

Moreover, keep your mind sharp. Read books, newspapers and magazines. Answer online quizzes. Learn
lots of trivia. Do puzzles. It does not only make you more intelligent, it also reduces or limits the risk of
having memory loss when you grow old. What could be better than a healthy brain?

Also, connect with people. Build and maintain relationships. Make friends. Attend church and meet
people. Some studies show that having healthy connections or relationships add years to life. More
importantly, to connect adds life to our years. Who would want to spend the rest of his or her life sitting
by the window alone, unremembered and uncared for? A life that is long is sweet. But a life that is good
is way better. Why not have both?

Aging is an inevitable stage of our lives if we manage to live long enough. It has with it certain
unavoidable inconveniences but we can always make them happy and satisfying moments and
memories. Aging is not a choice, but to age gracefully is.


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