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All About Necklaces

All About Necklaces

What completes a woman’s overall look is a good set of accessories. And one of the most important accessories is the necklace. It can give accent to the clothing, show off the wearer’s personality and add beauty to the total look. There are many kinds of necklaces. They vary greatly. A woman must know the perfect necklace that would match her outfit, her personality and the occasion.

Technically, a necklace is a kind of jewelry worn around the neck. It is usually made of metal like gold and silver but it can also come from textiles and beads. For ages, women have been embellishing their necks with precious gems of many different colors, shells, and beads. Wearing a necklace has been a fundamental part not only of fashion since the olden days but also of a tribe or group’s culture and identity. Necklaces have been utilized since the Stone Age, when people made use of materials that readily available from nature to decorate. The variety of materials to use got considerably bigger during the Bronze Age when people learned how to manufacture textiles and metals. The famous metals used for jewelries were gold, silver, bronze and platinum. They also utilized precious stones like diamond and ruby. In the present days, many have discovered ways of manufacturing necklaces using cheap materials and processes with the advent of modern technology. Creation of jewelries has been developing and expanding as time passes.

Necklaces can be categorized or grouped using two distinct characteristics. They can be identified and individualized either by their length, or by their design or style.

A choker is a kind of necklace that is considerably short as compared to other necklaces and it appears to be hugging the neck of the wearer as it sits high on the neck. A matinee necklace is a necklace that sits above the wearer’s cleavage. A princess necklace is something that is in between of a choker and a matinee. It is longer than a choker but shorter than a matinee. The opera necklace is something long enough to sit on the wearer’s breastbone. A sautoir is any necklace longer than the opera. The noticeably different kind of necklace when it comes to length is the lariat as it is a very long kind of sautoir that is often looped at least double around the neck.

In terms of design or style, a necklace can be classified as a cross necklace. It is simply a necklace that features the cross where Jesus died as believed by Christians. The diamond necklace is a popular one especially among wealthy families in the West. It is often given as a gift signifying love and fidelity. There are a different types of a diamond necklace like the diamond eternity necklace, diamond “V” and diamond “Y” necklace. One popular necklace design among women is the pearl necklace. It can either be made of uniform-sized pearls or many strands of stepped pearls.  There are a lot more other kinds of necklaces when it comes to design. These are just the common ones.

Necklaces have been valued a lot since the old days. It can be signifying true love, a promise or even just style and fashion.

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