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All About You

According to a study, women of the past four hundred years are generally happier than women of today. It is a surprising fact since women today are considerably more empowered and independent individuals than those of the past. In giving consideration to women’s health care, it is not only the physical well-being that we must attend to but also seek emotional wellness with equal regards.

In finding out why women today are generally less happy, we think one of the major factors would be lack of “me time”. In the modern society, women have lots of things to take care of- work, household stuff, children, girl friends, deadlines, societal pressures, relationships. It makes twenty fours of every single day seem to never be enough. There lots of things to think about which leaves no room for one’s own self. In light of this predicament, we are here to suggest a few good ideas on how to have and enjoy your “me time”.

First of all, make yourself a priority. Believe and realize that you deserve it. Cancel plans, say no, and see yourself as a significant individual. It is not only for your benefit. Remember that many people depend on you- your family, your partner, your children, and even your friends. If you would not make yourself feel important even just for some time, you would fail being the best that you can be for people you care about. Borrowing a line from the film The Help, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” Please do keep that in mind.

Secondly, make time for your “me time”. See it as something as important as a corporate meeting, a job interview, and an appointment with your doctor. Try to find at least thirty minutes everyday to sit back and relax. Set time for yourself, and try to think ahead what you are going to do with that time to make it productive. Do not waste it. See an episode of your favorite show, make a meal, or read a few chapters of the book you haven’t finished. Just do what you think would make you feel closer to happiness.

If you have only five to ten minutes to spare, drink coffee while leafing through the pages of a newspaper or magazine. Put on the earphones and listen to the music you love. Call a friend for a short chat. Cuddle with your cat or dog.

For at least fifteen to thirty minutes, read a chapter or two of a book or solve a crossword puzzle or Sudoku. Keep a set of books, puzzles or magazines near your desk in your office in case you find some idle time. Take a stroll in a nearby park. Soak in the tub.

If you are lucky enough for half an hour to one full hour, head to the spa and get a facial and a massage. Get your nails done. Yes, take a nap which would actually be one of my personal priorities. Call up a friend and bond together. Maybe chitchat over at the coffee shop or just have a long walk somewhere.

Just remember that your me time is for you to relax and to restore the you that has been worn out by the many things you think about.


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