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Anger Management

Anger Management

Did your little brother just spill juice on your paper due tomorrow? Is your friend stabbing you in the back? Is your boyfriend not texting back? There are too many things in this world that would make us angry. But when you are, it is not actually the person with whom you are angry with that gets all the troubles. You are. Your muscles especially those in your face are tight and you feel like punching someone in the face. It is not a pretty feeling. But you can do something about it that would not involve violence, revenge or any form of misbehavior. Here are simple ways how.

You could try breaking a sweat. Get moving. Be physically active. It is a really good way to vent out your anger through moving your body. Take a walk in the park. Run a mile or two. Shoot some baskets. Try using the jumping rope. Ride a bike. If you have a punching bag, hit it with your best shot. Moving makes you release all the bad feelings and it also helps you feel better.

Simply taking a deep breath could ease you of your anger. Inhale. Count to eight or as long as you can. Exhale. Do this repetitively. This calms your nerves and your spirit. When you are calmer, the heart beats slower. When the heart beats slower, the muscles would begin to relax. When your muscles begin to relax, you feel less angry.

It is also helpful to find someone with whom you could talk about your feelings. Phone a friend or talk to your parents or siblings. Even talking to your pet would help. Talking helps you rationalize about the situation. It would help you realize things and it also is a safe and healthy form of venting out your emotions.

Getting a piece of paper and writing it down also helps. It helps you let go of the bad feelings and transfer them onto the paper. It could also help you figure out why you really are upset or angry. You may also try writing a letter to the person you are angry with and not send it. It is a release of feelings.

To manage your anger, you may also try getting creative and creating art. Art is a very good way of expressing yourself especially really intense emotions. It helps you let go.

Listening to music is a sure-fire way to manage your anger. Listening to the music you like eases you of your bad feelings and makes you feel a whole lot better. You may also try dancing along to your favorite upbeat music. Moving helps deal with anger.

Changing your state of mind also relieves you of anger. Change the way you see people and how you think of them. Do not see just the bad side of the person you are angry with. Look at their good side. Remember the good times you had with them. See the good in people.

Finding a distraction also releases you from the chains of anger. Thinking about what made you mad keeps you mad. Think of other things instead. Do something fun and something that will make you feel good.


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