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Anti-calorie Logic

Anti-calorie Logic

Whenever you are faced with the many temptations to add calories, use your brainpower to triumph over them and emerge as the fit, healthy, and sexy victor of your weight loss endeavors. Temptation is everywhere so it’s best to set your mind on your goal and win over every obstacle along the way to the finish line.

Whenever you shop at the grocery store or just walk past a bakery, they could be handing out free foods for you to taste. And it is oh-so hard to resist food especially when you do not have to pay for it. It’s free! Free foods are everywhere (almost). But just one taste of that creamy bread could add five hundred calories. Yes, even just one. And it would be harder to eat less the rest of the day as a payback for your succumbing to the temptation, isn’t it? You would eat less because of free food? I don’t think so. So you better start telling yourself how much calorie that free cookie would add. If that doesn’t stop you, try to analyze if you would buy that food if it weren’t free. If you wouldn’t waste a dollar for that, then it surely isn’t worth it to suffer from the added pounds either, right?

Now, some people are forced to eat as a sign of respect. Imagine seeing your mother just on holidays then saying no to her home baked cookies. Of course, you would not want her to feel bad, do you? To compensate, just ask her to pack it up and say that you would just eat it on your way or at home. If she has been preparing something that is hard to transform into a to-go meal, be honest with her and tell her about your weight loss efforts. Yet, you could tell her that you would have a really little bit to taste but you have set your eye on the veggie meal.

Of course, we cannot help finish the food on our plate. Why waste a blessing? Think about the staring kids in Africa! Eating the extra food is equivalent to wasting it because your body would just store them as fats which you would soon burn in your workout. It is best to just cook enough and put just enough on your plate. If you need more, it isn’t such a tiring work to go get some, right?

And if you would start caring less because it is a special occasion which only happens once every year, pause for a moment and reflect. The key is to only order one irresistible food for the whole dinner. You could have the yummy appetizer tonight, and just have the chocolate cake as dessert some other time. The good food would not fly to Mars and settle there after this special occasion. They would always be available for you.

And during rough and highly productive days, when you have done your best, you would want to treat yourself to some amazing dinner, right? You deserve it, you say. Yes, you most certainly do. But do you also deserve fats hanging down from your tummy and the pair of jeans you could not fit into?

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