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Away from Gym Germs

Away from Gym Germs

Sharing exercise equipments is one of some of gym’s disadvantages. It is not that you are one selfish, stingy brat. It is just that it is really unhygienic. Imagine being in contact with all those sweat coming from people you barely know. It is not just yucky. It could also bring you diseases. To get away from those disdainful stuff, here are some tips for you, you gym-goer.

First, purchase a better water bottle. Get rid of your plastic bottles because they have the tendency to hold more bacteria. Opt for metal ones. You could be sure and safe with metals. To clean your metal bottle properly, wash it in hot soapy water. Another tip is to keep an eye on your bottle or hide it safe inside your gym bag. Avoid having random people secretly taking a sip from your water bottle when you are not looking.

Also, keep your hands clean. Remember these three words: wipe, wash, repeat. Keep them clean so that the gym germs would not cause you any harm. Yes, you could wipe and clean an equipment before you use it, but it is still best if you keep your hands clean. When your hands are clean, you are protected. Also, clean your hands after each time you use an equipment. Have a sanitizer that comes in handy. It is better safe than sorry.

It is not only your hands that you should keep clean but also your gym paraphernalia. Fungi and bacteria love dark, moist and dirty surroundings like your gym bag. To avoid making your gym bag a shelter for fungi and bacteria, here are some ways. You should bring a plastic bag where you could put your dirty clothes to avoid their contact with your bag. The same goes for your sneakers.

Be sure that you shower well and long enough. When you shower, wear flipflops to avoid direct contact with the floor. Though they could not protect your feet completely, they still manage to provide a protective layer. And to keep your flipflops and feet as fungal-free as possible, soak your flipflops in a ten percent bleach solution every once in a while.

If you have a disease, if you are not feeling well, or if you have an open wound, skip the gym and stay at home. Going to the gym in that state would just make you more vulnerable to bacteria, viruses and infections. Again, it is better safe than sorry.

Also, if you have a disease, if you are not feeling well, or if you have an open wound, avoid soaking in Jacuzzis or public swimming pools. You would not just be a threat and transfer your bacteria to other people, you are also making yourself vulnerable to the bacteria in the water.

Yes, you could not control other people and how they handle things. But you have yourself to control. As long as you observe a proper hygiene and stick to them, you would be safe from the threat of germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

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