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Bad Mannerisms

Bad Mannerisms

Of course, we all know that we must get rid of our vices like too much alcohol drinking and smoking because they pose great threats to our health. But there are also seemingly tiny and insignificant ways we have grown used to that are actually bad for us. And just like our big vices, we should try sucking them out of our lives for good. Here are the mannerisms that we should start getting out of our system in the soonest possible time.

There are people who tend to chew on ice. There is actually this condition called pica which involves people’s tendency to crave and chew on things that are not food. We have paper and ice as our examples. You may think that it is just simply an annoying little habit. Well, aside from being annoying especially when those crunching sounds irritate your co-workers at the office, it is also a potential sign of an underlying health condition like iron deficiency anemia or obsessive compulsive disorder. To help yourself stop, one of the best tips we could offer is to make your beverages ice-free. That way, there would be no chance that you would be chewing ice. Also, you must consult with your health care provider. She would help determine if you are suffering from a nutritional deficiency and she would help you recover. If she observes that this is a sign of an emotional problem, she would then recommend therapies to help you cope with your condition.

Slouching is also another habit you need to free yourself from. When you slouch whenever you are standing or slouching so far down even when you are already seated, your muscles and ligaments on your back need to work harder to keep you balanced. This could lead to back and neck pains, fatigue, headache and many other health problems. The answer is practice. Yes, practice makes perfect in almost everything under the sun including having a good posture. When you are standing, see to it that your shoulders and back are relaxed. The same goes for your knees. They should be relaxed and not locked. Also, see to it that your chest is high. When you sit, see to it that your feet are both rested on the floor and that your hips are equal with your knees. Also, keep your back and neck confortably straight.

Nail biting is another issue you should address. Not only is it unsanitary, it could also cause serious health problems. Nail biting is usually due to emotional problems like stress or anxiety. To address the problem, you should determine what triggers you to bite your nails. If you bite your nails when you are bored, then kill the boredom. You may also seek the help of a medical professional.

Knuckle-cracking is also another bad mannerism. This could lead to dislocated fingers and torn ligaments. Aside from health conditions that may arise, the popping sound may also cause disturbance on others. To stop the bad habit, you may try counting down how many times you crack your knuckles each day. Then try to cut from that figure.


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