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Bad Posture Turned Good

Bad Posture Turned Good

Maybe you have been used to slouching, just like me. But if you still haven’t noticed, slouching could bring you pain on the back, neck, and shoulders. Yes, I feel them and I just wish the pain would instantly go away. Even headaches could be caused by our bad posture. Slouching could also make us feel fatigued easier because slouching could hinder proper breathing. Worry no more. Here are some ways to turn that bad posture into a good one.

To know if you really are having a bad posture, look into the mirror and see where your palm faces. When your palms face your thighs, your posture may be good. But if they are facing backwards, chances are your posture is not so pretty. To see what your posture should be, pull your head back and your shoulders down and back. It would appear as if you are sticking out your chest if you are standing up correctly. A mirror could do so much, doesn’t it?

And to begin having a good posture, you should learn to sit properly. Sit all the way back in your chair. So, it is best to choose chairs that offer back support. Sitting too far forward puts too much pressure on the pubic bone and sitting too far back puts too much pressure on the tailbone. To find the right range which is the middle, keep your feet flat on the floor, and center your weight with your buttocks and pubic bone making a triangle. In cars, support the lower back to prevent pain. You could adjust your seat or place a small pillow behind your lower back.

Also, when working, keep the proper posture. We tend to lean over to the computer when we work at the office, and it is not good. Sit back on the chair, use a lumbar pillow, and slightly elevate the knees instead of slanting them downward. The distance of the monitor from you should be an arm’s length, and the top of the screen must be at eye level so you need not to look up.

Being flexible also solves posture problems. Lack of flexibility leads to muscle imbalances and poor alignment. Include stretching into your weekly workout routine. And stretch everyday to deal with discomfort. Whenever you are standing or sitting, pull your head back and center it over your spine. Pull your shoulders back and down as if you are trying to put your elbows into your back pocket. Push your palms outward. Do this a few times for every hour you spend in front of the computer.

Also, stretch whenever you find yourself stuck in one position for too long. As you stand with feet slightly apart, place hands on the small of the back. Lean back as far as you can and hold for a few seconds. Repeat.

You should also keep your posture in watch as you sleep. If you sleep on your side, keep your posture right by using a pillow that keeps the spine aligned by supporting the head so that the neck is not at an awkward angle. Also, place a pillow in between your knees. Avoid sleeping on the stomach because this causes neck strain.

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