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Bags 101

Bags 101

Bags, a lot more than style, are designed to serve women in their work, leisure, parties and day-outs.
Unlike the olden days where women are almost always confined in the four corners of their dwellings,
women of today differ greatly. We live in an era where women almost always leave home, go to
different places, meet a lot of varying people, and accomplish a number of jobs and responsibilities.

Women love bags as much as they love shoes and clothing. You are never completely dressed without
a bag. Aside from the practical uses it serves, it also is a fashion statement. As a member of the female
group, it is a must for each and every one of us to be well-acquainted with our fashion chum.

Picking and using the right bag that compliments a woman’s style and appearance as well as the
occasion contributes so much in making her task lighter and more efficient, and in making the woman
herself stylish, classy and fabulous.

One of the most commonly used bags is what we call the hobo. Women who often carry a lot of stuff
and belongings ought to own a hobo. It is the crescent-shaped bag with a slouchy posture and a handle
long enough to put it over a woman’s shoulder. These gigantic bags offer so much storage space. Its size
is very convenient and functional, and its look is casual which makes it ideal for usage every day.

Speaking of oversized bags, we also have the tote as an addition to the list. This kind is really flexible for
various occasions. Due to its large size, it can be used in picnics and outings or on the beach. They are
also ideal for work. They come in so many styles that they can look casual, fashionable, carefree and
even classy.

Another kind is the satchel. It was inspired from the old kind of satchel used by the students in schools
and doctors where they place their medical instruments. They are rectangular in shape and have flat
bottoms. These are common among working women who need to have something where they can put
their documents in and at the same time look classy and elegant.

We also have the cross body bag or what is more commonly known as messenger bag. This kind is
popular among the younger members of the feminine gender. They have a very long strap that allows
the owner to wear it diagonally over her body making her hands free to move.

When attending formal events, women usually prefer carrying clutches. These are bags that are needed
to be carried under a woman’s arm or in her hand. They do not have any straps or handles. They are
small in size and are designed to carry important items like lipsticks and car keys.

Similar to a clutch is what we call a wristlet. It is also used to contain small essentials. The only
difference is that it has a small handle its owner can cling to. Though less elegant than clutches, wristlets
can be ideal for casual events.

For physically active and sporty women, a duffel bag is a must-have. They are considerably large in size
and are often used when travelling or doing sports.

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