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Banana Love

Banana Love

Banana is one of the most famous fruit that can boost ones appetite through its encouraging taste, and also it gives a lot of benefits for our body. If you think that bananas are only meant for monkey better think again for if you restrain yourself from eating this wonderful treasure of nature you will lose a big asset that can be a great help in achieving a healthier and fitter body. There are so any benefits that eating bananas can give us, and you may not know it. This article will help you know the true love that eating bananas can give us.

Bananas are known for its high potassium content, but do you know that aside from that it has several other vitamins and minerals that are also needed by our body. Bananas are also rich in iron that is important in the production of haemoglobin in the blood. Aside from that bananas are also helpful in weight loss and preventing constipation.  The potassium in bananas are great in promoting overall body health, so you don’t need to bother yourself much if you knew that you eat bananas or other fruits well.

It is a delicious performance booster. Bananas have a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates which makes it easy for the body to initiate conversion of usable substances into energy. Also the carbohydrates contained in bananas are in the simplest form which makes it easier for the body to convert it into energy. Bananas are also rich in glucose and fructose which are the easiest digestible form of sugar that can be converted into energy. Aside from that, Potassium, which is famous in bananas, proved to be helpful in easing up the muscle contraction which prevents higher chances of fatigue and muscle cramping.

It is good for our bowel movement. Many artificial laxatives has been introduced as a solution for constipation but many have not noticed that even through this problem nature has provided us with a natural laxative, and it is in the form of bananas. Aside from that bananas’ fiber helps in regulating the body’s bowel movement. It promotes easier movement of stools through the intestines which reduces the risk of acquiring constipation. But take note that bananas must be ripe before you eat it for if not, unripe bananas may cause you more trouble.

It is a great brain food. Potassium, which is also found in bananas, is good in promoting overall health. As well as it keeps oxygen levels normalized in the brain and keeps cell strong and active. It also has tryptophan and Vitamin B6 which works to stimulate a good mood by stimulating and increasing serotonin production. It is also helpful in sleeping as it promotes a more relaxed thinking which gives you a refreshing sleep.

And aside from that, bananas have other supplementary uses which are beneficial to all. For pregnant women, eating bananas can ease up the morning sickness. The banana peels also have  other relevant uses as a mosquito repellent and as a good natural fertilizer.

Truly bananas are really lovable. Not just because of its delicious sweet taste but also because of its high nutritional content. Now that you know that bananas are nutritious, why won’t you start to include it in your diet as well?


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