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Beating Excuses Not to Exercise

Beating Excuses Not to Exercise

We all know we should all get moving. We all know why and how. We are all aware of the numerous benefits it offers us, our bodies, and our overall health encompassing the physical, psychological, emotional and possibly even social. Yet, there are still a number of things that serve as barriers into making us move and break a sweat. We present the most common excuses we resort to just because we are too lazy or not motivated enough to exercise. And what is even better is that we have come up with ways to beat those excuses.

Most people do not exercise because they do not have time. But is that really the case? We all have time. If we could squeeze into our busy schedules watching our favorite TV shows, then why can’t we find time to exercise? If you spend two hours of every single day watching TV, maybe you could spare an hour for physical fitness. Or better yet, why not exercise as you watch TV? Use the space between the couch and the television to do your exercise routines as you keep track of your favorite show. You could do squats and lunges as you watch your most beloved show. Moreover, you could break a sweat while doing the simplest tasks. Walking to and from your office or workplace is a good form of exercise. Opt for the stairs instead of riding the elevators to get moving. Exercise does not have to be something formal that requires classes or gyms. As long as you move those muscles and break a sweat, you are exercising.

Another common excuse people use is that they are too tired for exercise. It may appear to be ironic but exercising boosts your energy. Once you start moving those hips, arms and legs, it is more likely that your fatigue would be gone. When you exercise, feel-good hormones called endorphins are released thus making you feel better. Also, it improves the circulation. Another thing, exercise does not have to necessarily be early in the morning. You could exercise anytime. Just get moving when you feel you are at your best.

Some people do not exercise because they find it boring. Exercise should be something that makes you feel good before you do it, makes you feel good while you are doing it, and makes you feel good after you do it. How? First, find a physical activity you know you would enjoy. That is a good start. Also, you may try different exercises and not just stick to one fitness program. That should kill the boredom that may develop. Turning on some music may also help. Listen through your earphones while jogging around the park or turn on some speakers as you run on your treadmill. Exercising with friends could also get rid of the boredom. Exercise is fun. All you need to do is be a little creative.

Another reason why people tend not to exercise is because they always end up quitting. It would really be helpful if you set specific and realistic goals. That way, success would be closer at hand and you would feel your progress. Also, if you missed an exercise opportunity or two, do not get disheartened. Missing an exercise session is normal. Just do better next time.

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