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Benefits of Eating Chocolate

Benefits of Eating Chocolate

If you are one of the numerous people who are ardent fans of the sweetness, deliciousness, and overall awesomeness of chocolates, then you better bring out the party hats and the loud music because  we are about to tell you something to celebrate: chocolates are not just fun and sweet but also has a handful of health benefits. Now, we could enjoy every bite without feeling too guilty and at the same time realizing that we are doing something good not only for our feelings and cravings but more especially for our bodies.

Chocolates give you a healthier heart. This is most especially true for dark chocolates. Thanks to its flavonoids which are antioxidants that help make the veins and arteries become more flexible. But because these powerful antioxidants come with considerable amounts of milk, butter, and most especially sugar, you should continue your workouts. Chocolates and workouts work really well together.

Surprisingly, chocolates could also help in your weight loss. Dark chocolate actually lessens your cravings for sweet, salty and fatty foods. Dark chocolate makes it easy for you to only have the littlest amounts of your unhealthy meals. In general, dark chocolate makes you eat less. Better stock up on dark chocolates!

Chocolates are also believed to bring about a happier mood. Whenever you feel sad, depressed, frustrated, or anxious, just grab a bar and you would notice how your mood shifts towards the brighter side. Chocolate consumption has long been linked to the releases of serotonin which is thought to bring about feelings of pleasure.

Because chocolates could make you happier than you are at the moment, they could also reduce your stress levels. Emotional eating is not completely a bad thing, you know. As Paulo Coelho said, “Nothing in this word is completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.” When emotionally troubled people go for dark chocolate, their stress hormone levels are significantly reduced and the metabolic effects of stress are partially toned down. So whenever you got a D or even an F on a test, or when you break up with your boyfriend, or when you  failed to attend the concert of your favorite band, go grab a dark chocolate and eat your heart out.

Yes, chocolates are oh-so sweet but they help you prevent diabetes. Flavonoids in dark chocolates aid in the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps control the sensitivity of insulin. Insulin controls the sugar levels in the blood. Thus, dark chocolates help control sugar. Amazing, isn’t it?

Flavonoids could even protect you from the sun’s scorching heat. According to a study, after three months of consuming chocolates highly abundant in flavonoids, the people subjected to the research experienced a very amazing thing: their skin, when subjected under to the sun’s rays, took twice as long before it showed signs of redness which indicates the beginning of a sunburn.

Chocolates could also boost your brainpower. Dark chocolate do not only help fight off stress, they would also make your mind sharper. It could improve the performance and alertness of the brain for about two to three hours. Though their effects are felt short term, they would also prove to be beneficial in the long run.

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