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Better Life in a Minute or Two

Better Life in a Minute or Two

If you think that a happy and healthy life takes days, months, or even years of unfailing effort and dedication, you are partially right. Only partially because while it is true that achieving a healthy and happy life is a lifelong process, you could actually put some spark into your life in just a minute or two. Want to know how? Your wish is our command.

To feel the ecstasy and teenager-y kind of happiness, have a really quick quickie. This makes your life better and happier, and this is backed up by science. Aside from your fingertips and toes, nerve endings are most abundant in the tip of your nose, in your tongue, and in your lips. So what does this call for? It calls for a quick make out session with your darling, your babe, your honey, your baby. When we kiss, the body releases a hormone that does not only make us feel oh-so good but also boosts the immune system and could burn as much as ten calories for every two minutes. Wow.

To have a healthier and happier life in a matter of two minutes or less, feast your eyes on the lovely scene. Look at the majestic wonders of nature like the Grand Canyon or the Mt. Fuji. You do not have to be at Japan to be inspired and awed by the magnificence of Mt. Fuji. Photographs and video clips would do. These images have the ability to make us feel more present thus leading to greater feelings of contentment and happiness. Looking at these amazing images could make us feel better and happier. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself.

Another way to feel better is to put pressure on the spot directly between your eyebrows. This act calms and brings peace to the mind thus relieving stress and anxiety. All you need to do is to find a quiet place, gently tap or massage that part. This is a sure-fire way to bring you relaxation and inner peace. And it takes a just a minute or two.

Making your bed could actually improve the quality of your life. Not only are you freeing yourself from the dusts and insects that could dwell under the unfolded sheets, you are also giving yourself a morning ritual that could be a form of meditation as you arrange your pillows and sheets with a clear and unbothered mind. All you need is two minutes or less.

And if you have not realized it, and I wonder how that could ever be, petting your dog is a good way to have a happier and healthier life. Doing so lowers the heart rate, decreases cortisol levels in the body, and increases your feel-good hormones. If you want double the benefits, play with your cute little pooch. And if you do not have any live dog nearby, a stuffed toy would suffice. Spread the love to the animals!

Having a simple foot massage could also do so much. With the many acupuncture points in your feet, rubbing them could reduce stress and improve your overall health.

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