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Beyonce is Our Queen

Beyonce is Our Queen

With her singing prowess, dancing flair, sexiness, beauty, and fierceness, it is highly convincing that Beyonce is our queen. Not only was Beyonce the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, did become a solo superstar, sold about 75 million copies of singles all over the world, won multitudes of awards including sixteen dashing Grammys, and earned her star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame with Destiny’s Child, she also is a certified actress, model, songwriter, record producer, dancer, choreographer, model, fashion icon, and a businesswoman.

Despite her lip-synched performance controversy, Beyonce is and will remain our queen. And to once again bear witness to the brilliance of Beyonce Knowles, here is a list of some of her songs that defined generations, and made the whole world sing and dance.

  • Irreplaceable

This song is about giving you love and affection to someone who did not treat her the way she was supposed to be treated. But instead of imploring this man to not leave her and be with her, she knew that this jerk is not worthy of any of her time or effort anymore so she just pushes him out of his life saying that there are other men who could love her. Irreplaceable is a highly popularized song that surely left a mark on the history of the music industry.

  • Single Ladies

Single Ladies, on the other hand, is an upbeat song telling us, girls, that, like with Irreplaceable, if we prove that the guy we are in a relationship with proves to be not worthy of us, then we must take the choice of leaving him. The song narrates the story of her breakup with her boyfriend, then her venture to a club with her friends where she is free to meet another man. If he is not capable of marrying you, then find a guy who is.

  • If I Were a Boy

This song is a pop and folk rock introspective ballad. This shows the gaps between genders and at the same time reflecting the stereotypical side of men in relationships. It is mainly a theoretical account if the singer, who is a girl, swaps gender and becomes a boy. She tells the mistreatments men often do to their partners and at the same time saying that if she was born a boy, then she would have been a better man for the girl who loves him.

  • Halo

Halo is about a girl who has been hurt so much by the tragedies that come along with being in love with the wrong person. She tried to build up walls to avoid getting hurt again. But then, this guy came into her life and he caught her off guard. He was able to easily bring down the walls she built. She seemed to have found her saving grace, the guy who would be right for her and would not hurt her the way the wrong ones did.

  • Best Thing I Never Had

It is about being in love with someone whom she thought was Mr. Right but then turned out wrong. It’s about realizing that this guy was not worthy of any of her tears and affection, and that she was lucky to have found out.


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