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Black Beauty

Black Beauty

Style and fashion vary greatly every decade, and maybe even every year. We have witnessed times of

big colourful skirts with thick layers of petticoats, leather jeans, and floral dresses. If there’s something
that would never go out of style nor look out of place, it’s the color black.

No one can ever go wrong with black. We can wear it anywhere we go and anytime we want to. There’s
no color that can ever be more elegant and sophisticated than black. Ever.

Date? Party? Work? Wear black. It’s subtle, mysterious, and eliminates the need for mixing and
matching various colors. If you are out of time to think what goes well with that pair of pants or what
compliments that skirt, just grab that black top, add legitimately ANY accessory and you are good to go.
You can save yourself from wondering and figuring out if that kind of blue really looks good on this kind
of red since it looks okay on Superman. Just pick black.

Women of today cannot afford to waste time trying to pick what to wear. Rather than spend time facing
your closet, why not use you time strutting your stuff? In your times of fashion dilemmas, keep this in
mind: black erases all doubts.

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