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Body Piercing

Body Piercing

Body piercing has been a popular practice especially among teens in the past decades. Traditionally, only women were usually seen with piercings which is on both the left and right earlobes. As time passed and change enveloped the society in its embrace, even men were seen with piercings not only in the ears but also in their lips and noses. Even women had multiple piercings in their ears and some were also seen with piercings in their noses and lips.

Nowadays, it appears to be a really popular practice to decorate and beautify the body. Body piercings even evolved from simply style and fashion to be something reflecting one’s personality.

Technically, body piercing is about putting a hole in the part of the body where you intend to place jewelry of your choice. The most popular pierced body parts are the ears, nose, and bellybutton.

Before engaging into this serious matter, you better know the general procedure of body piercing. First, the part to be pierced is  cleaned or sterilized with germicidal soap. It is to make sure that bacterium and other kinds of microorganisms would not enter and harm the body. Of course, this step is skipped in terms of tongue piercing. The skin is then pierced or punctured with a clean and sharp needle. The jewelry, which should have already been sterilized, is then inserted into the punctured part. The pierced area is then cleaned and the person who did the piercing checks if the jewelry was properly placed. He will then give instructions on how to let the wound heal and what to do in case of problems.

It may hurt, and it may not. It actually depends on the capability of the person having his or her body pierced to handle the pain. Also, one must be fully aware of the complications that may arise due to body piercing. Chronic infection and prolonged bleeding are common possibilities. Scarring and abscesses or boils are also possible to occur. There is also a tendency of skin allergy if you are allergic to the kind of metal used as jewelry. Instruments that are not properly sterilized and unclean environments may also cause tetanus and hepatitis B and C. The complication may even be as serious as nerve damage.

If you really are eager to have one, just be sure that the tattoo experience would be a safe one. Be sure that you have taken immunizations especially for hepatitis and tetanus to avoid infection. If you are enduring a medical problem, consult with your doctor if it would be safe for you to get a piercing. See to it that the piercing clinic and the instruments are clean and properly sterilized. Just take every necessary step to avoid infection. Better safe than sorry. Also, know where to go or who to call in case of emergencies that may occur.

Instead of impulsively jumping into actions that you may just regret in the end, think about it not just twice but lots and lots of times. Consider all the risks and possibilities, and even if it is really something you want. Most importantly, never pierce on your own or have a friend do it. It is best to let the experts do their job.

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