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Books Women Should Read

Books Women Should Read

Of course, in the modern days, women can find pleasure in many forms. There are the newest gadgets with the most amazing and awesome applications with which we could spend the day. There are tons of boutiques and salon to take care of our looks. Yes, there are also spas where we can pamper ourselves after days of working hard. There are multitudes of movies to see and some are even in 3D. But if there’s something that must be on the list of a truly sophisticated woman, it is to read a book.
The Bronte sisters have created for the female population two of the most widely loved classics of all time: Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. The former was written by the elder Bronte lady, Charlotte, and it tackles the bravery and intelligence Jane possesses to break the chains put up among women in a time when women are not seen as people whose views and opinions matter, who are viewed as lesser beings to men. Also, it is glittered with a romantic love story like Wuthering Heights which was written by the younger Bronte, Emily.
We also have the classic Little Women on the list. This follows the story of the four sisters Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. Not only does it focus on the lives of four lovely young ladies but also it holds numerous value and lessons women ought to live with in order to be a true woman. Speaking of lovely young daughters, Pride and Prejudice is also a must-read. It is also a classic that, more than anything, reminds us that what we often see in others is just the tip of the iceberg. There is always something deeper if we only take the chance to get to know them really well.
Of course, Nicholas Sparks’s novels are also good suggestions. His works, more often than not, are love-conquers-all kind of stories. And I must say that each and every book can really reach out to your hearts. If you want to experience true and undying love even just in reading, then go grab Nicholas’s book and cry your hearts out. To give you an idea, if you do not have any which I highly doubt since he is really famous, you start with The Notebook, A Walk to Remember and Dear John and I must also say that the three mentioned all have their movie adaptations and they were much loved.
If you are looking for something that does not only capture the emotions but are also certified intelligent reads, try something written by John Green. Looking for Alaska was really a good one. And his The Fault in Our Stars was brilliant. I personally have been depressed for days or maybe weeks. That is how powerful his writings are. And every time I read the last part, it always gives me the chills.
It is nice to pamper ourselves and make us look our best. But if there’s something way better than a beautiful face, it surely is a healthy mind. Feed it everyday.


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