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Breakup Songs

Breakup Songs

Songs, more often than not, are there for us during the toughest moments of our lives. It is always nice to hear something that appears to be sympathizing with us, something that tells the words we cannot say, something that perfectly tells the story of our deepest emotions. Going through a breakup may be one of the most depressing and heartbreaking experiences a typical person could endure. It is never that easy to wake up one day and realize that the person we pictured forever with is not meant to stay.

  • Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

Despite the heartache, breaking up with the wrong person is not all that bad. It just makes us realize that there is a brighter and better tomorrow without them. Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone tells of how life began to get better when she finally let go of someone who was never meant to be with her forever, someone who does not deserve her. This hit song was also featured in today’s popular and hip musical Pitch Perfect.

  • The Scientist by Coldplay

Sometimes, problems arise not just because they are inevitable but because of our own faults. What is even more heartbreaking is that the wrongs we have done could even lead to the end of something we share with someone we truly love. In the moments of regret and despair, all we ever ask for is to turn back time, and undo the mistakes we committed. It is never easy, especially if the thought that it was our fault keeps haunting us. The Scientist was featured in today’s hit musical television series Glee.

  • Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects

This rock music lets the left behind and heartbroken release their feelings of resentment and hurt for the person who left them in misery. Not only is it about expressing the angry side of the broken-hearted, it also allows him or her to move on from the bitter past and start anew without the one who left. Being left broken is not merely about being sad, lonely and depressed. It may also be about not letting them do us wrong.

  • Irreplaceable by Beyonce

This is another song that makes us realize that we have not really lost everything when our current relationship reaches its end. It is rather an opportunity for us to get rid of the wrong person and stop letting him treat us way less than we truly deserve.

  • The One That Got Away by Katy Perry

Like The Scientist, this is another song that talks about regrets especially when we know that it was mostly our mistake. There are times that we have already found the one who ‘s actually right for us, but then our little insecurities, stubbornness or pride lets him slip away, and we are left in a lifetime of remorse for having let go of him.

  • 7 Things by Miley Cyrus

This song talks about the confusion regarding breakups. First, it tells how the bad things about your boyfriend or the things he do pushed both of you to stop the relationship that isn’t working anymore. On the other hand, being separated from him also make you fall in love with him a little bit more.

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