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Caffeine-free Energy Foods

Caffeine-free Energy Foods

Have you ever caught yourself feeling really tired and sleepy in the middle of the day while attending to your responsibilities be it your job, working on a project that is due a few hours later, or cleaning and maintaining the house? What would you immediate action be? It is to grab of coffee, I guess. We all know how caffeine could reenergize us and get us going throughout the day. However, we are also aware of the drastic crash is would bring right after. But do you have a choice? You need energy and the answer is right at that vending machine. Wrong. You have a choice. There are energy-giving foods that could provide you with the energy you need and at the same time not giving you the crash you fear.

The best thing you could do is power up way ahead of time. But if you failed to do so, there are other options. Lucky for you. But remember to avoid sugary and caffeine-filled snacks that would gie an instant rush but will let you feel the drawbacks later.

You could try having almonds and walnuts in the morning. Almonds have the ability to stabilize the blood sugar levels for the rest of the day. Next time you need to work so much to beat a deadline, just have a handful of walnuts that could relax you mind and boost your brainpower. The omega-3 in walnuts could balance the mood.

Low-dairy products are also good choices. The lactose sugar, or the sugar from milk, would give you your instant energy. Meanwhile, the high amount of protein could fight off your hunger. Start adding milk to your coffee or eating yogurt or string cheese every breakfast. It would make up with the calcium lost brought about by your caffeine.

Avocados and olive oil are also desirable meals. The avocado would keep the hunger away. Heart-healthy substances in avocados and olive oil slow down the emptying of your stomach thus helping prevent in-between meals hunger. Moreover, avocados are rich in potassium which regulates kidney function and blood pressure, and also folate that helps produce and maintain new cells.

You should also go for hard-boiled eggs. The protein from eggs could keep hunger away for hours. It is best to have a protein-rich and low-carbohydrate meal for breakfast to keep your tummy satisfied for a long time. Protein takes longer time to be digested. Moreover, hard-boiled eggs are easy to prepare and eat.

Blueberries are also a smart choice. They could keep you in focus for half a day. They could improve your memory and mental alertness. Moreover, they fight free radicals and help in the production of brain cells.

Dark chocolate are also good for dealing with your stress since they contain endorphins that eases one’s mood. They are also rich in flavonoids which serve as antioxidants. However, do not have too much of it.

When sleep is seducing you in the middle of your working time, go smell an orange. Smelling citrus scents could stimulate alertness. And when you eat it, it would provide instant and lasting energy.

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